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ADR Training with EP Training, the UK’s Number 1 Ranked Commercial Transport Training Company. If you require your drivers to undergo ADR training, then look no further than EP Training Services. They have been delivering Dangerous Goods by Road tuition for over 30 years and have successfully trained more than 10,000 HGV drivers.

Since its inception as HazMat in the 1980’s, through to the full ADR licence required by today’s drivers, EP has been at the forefront of delivering quality Dangerous Goods tuition. Just take a look at their reviews online and see why they are a number 1 ranked UK Company.

Along with suitable vehicle markings, PPE, appropriate documentation, etc. a VTC (ADR licence) is essential to ensure your company complies with regulations.

From their purpose-built training centre in Great Bookham, Surrey (Jct. 9 off M25) EP Training provide courses run every other week, encompassing the packages and tanker elements of ADR.

Not only do they provide the 7 of the 9 general classes of Dangerous Goods (2,3,4,5,6,8 and 9) every other week of the year, they also deliver Class 1, Explosives and Class 7, Radioactives on a regular basis. One of the very few companies in the UK to offer this service.

Their ADR training courses are delivered by expert instructors who have many years’ experience at providing DG tuition.  All EP’s ADR instructors are also DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) qualified.

EP Training is also one of the few ADR training providers that conduct the ADR examinations online and not “paper based”.

What this means is you get the results immediately after your examinations.  There is an opportunity to do an instant free resit and you will receive your ADR licence much quicker.  Our customers find this extremely useful as it means their drivers can get moving dangerous goods much sooner.

Once candidates have passed their ADR exams the SQA (the examination body) will issue a Vocational Training Certificate (ADR).

The type of ADR that you will require depends greatly on what classes of dangerous goods your drivers are transporting and in what, i.e. packages and/or tanks.

To be awarded a VTC (ADR licence), which is valid for 5 years attendees must have passed at least the following:

  • Core plus Packages and/or Tanker Module and at least 1 of the 9 classes of DG’s.
  • For those transporting only Class 1 and/or 7 then only the Class or Core module need be passed.

Driver CPC

EP Training is an approved JAUPT training centre for the delivery of Periodic Driver CPC training. This means whilst attending your ADR course you can get Driver CPC hours at the same time.

For example, if you attend our 5 day Packaged Goods and Tanker course you can also get 35 hours Driver CPC (28 hours are gained whilst attending ADR course and another 7 hours Driver CPC is provided free of charge).

Funding Your Course

If you need assistance funding your ADR course have you considered financing it?

EP Training provides schemes that allow you to "Train Now, Pay Later".  This means you can complete your ADR training whenever you’re ready without having to wait. You can apply online today or call 01372 450 800.

All courses can be booked and paid for online via our secure website. Please view our wide selection of ADR course on the tab above.

ADR Training

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Choose from the courses below or speak with an expert now, call 01372 450800.

Option 1: ADR Course Code: C1 + 35 Hours Driver CPC (Best Seller)


This 5 day course covers Core, Packages, Tanks and All Classes except 1 & 7. 

This is the full course that includes everything including 

Core, Packages, and Classes 2,3,4,5,6,8 and 9. The only classes that are not included in this course are Classes 1 and 7 (Explosives and Radioactives).

This course includes 35 hours Driver CPC and runs from Monday to Friday, 8am till 4pm. You will need to return for 1 extra day to do the last 7 hours CPC.

Option 2: ADR Course Code: P1 + 21 Hours Driver CPC


This 3.5 day course covers Core, Packages and All Classes (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9) i.e. everything except for Tanks, Classes 1 and 7. It’s ideal for drivers moving dangerous goods in packages (box, curtainsider, container etc) by road but not tanks. This course includes 21 hours Driver CPC.

Option 3: ADR Course Code: T1 + 14 Hours Driver CPC


This 5 day course covers Core, Tanks and Class 3.

The T1 course is specifically for drivers who transport flammable liquids in tanks, that come within the scope of ADR.

Normally this particular ADR licence is for Class 1 (Artic) drivers who deliver to (for example) petrol stations, however Class 2 (rigid) drivers may also need this qualification when (for example) making domestic fuel deliveries.    

The course encompasses Core, Tank and Class 3 and includes 14 hours CPC.

Option 4: ADR Course Code: LPG1 + 14 Hours Driver CPC


This 3.5 day course covers Core, Packages and Class 2 (Gases) and includes 14 hours Driver CPC. 

If your driver is transporting more than 333 kg of LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) then an ADR licence would be required.  The tanker element of ADR is NOT needed if the receptacle (package) does not exceed 3,000 litres.

Option 5: ADR Course Code: Core, Pack and Class 6 + 14 Hours Driver CPC


This 3.5 day course covers Core, Packages and Class 6 (Toxic Substances). 

This is a vital course for companies whose drivers transport Class 6 dangerous goods by road.  

Class 6 will include clinical waste, infectious substances and anything toxic that comes within the scope of the ADR regulations.  This course also includes 14 hours added Driver CPC. 

Option 6: ADR Course Code: E1 Explosives


ADR Explosives Class 1 is a 1 day course.  If you move explosives that are within the scope of ADR then this course must be attended and an online class 1 examination passed.

In order to gain a Class 1 ADR licence students must have first completed the Core module, which EP runs most weeks.

If the Core module has not been acquired please contact EP direct to arrange a suitable date.  The Core Module is £200 + Vat + test fee (£20).

Option 7: ADR Course Code: R1 Radioactives


ADR Radioactives Class 7 is a 1 day course.   This Class 7 is very niche and is needed by very few companies and drivers.

This is the course / licence required if your drivers transport radioactive materials by road that are within the scope of ADR regulations.

In order to gain a Class 7 ADR licence students must have first completed the Core module, which EP runs most weeks.

If the Core module has not been acquired please contact EP direct to arrange a suitable date.  The Core Module is £200 + Vat + test fee (£20).

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some assistance, or have a question?

What is an ADR Licence?

An ADR Licence allows the holder to transport dangerous goods by road. ADR is an internationally recognised qualification and is recognised by many drivers that transport dangerous goods by road.

How do I get an ADR Licence?

You obtain an ADR License by completing a course and passing a series of examinations. You will do exams based on the classes of dangerous goods you will transport.

How easy are the ADR exams?

The difficulty of the exams usually depends on how well the candidate is able to understand the content. EP's highly experienced ADR instructor will set you up with the best possible chance of passing the exams. The vast majority of candidates usually pass every exam even if a free and immediate retest is required. EP's ADR exams are generally most challenging by candidates whose first language is not English.

How much do EP's ADR courses cost?

A C1 course, which includes the tanker, will cost £700. This will cover every module of ADR apart from Explosives - Class 1 and Radioactives - Class 7.

A P1 course or another ADR course with specific ADR classes will not include the tanker and will cost £600. Once again, this does not include Class 1 and Class 7.

Class 1 and Class 7 courses can be booked seperately for £280 each.

How long will the licence last?

After 5 years you will need to return to a training company such as EP for refresher training and examinations in order to continue carrying dangerous goods.

Can I get CPC whilst completing ADR?

Yes, if a candidate would like CPC included, and they have passed Intitial CPC, attendance of the C1 course can entitle a candate with 28 hours Drivers CPC. A P1 course or another ADR course with specific Classes can entitle a candidate with 21 hours Driver CPC.

If you require more hours of CPC after the course,  individual online 7 hours Drivers CPC courses are available to book free of charge.

When will I get my ADR Exam Results?

EP Training is one of the few training companies that use online based examinations, meaning that the results come through immediately after you have finished each exam. You simply need to ask a member of staff after you have finished the exams and they will tell you the result.

Can I do the ADR course online?

This is possible, however EP Training strongly reccomend attending the course in person as ADR courses are relatively intensive courses that are best understood in a classroom environment.

Where will I complete the course and exams?

The ADR training and examinations are completed entirely at our training centre in Great Bookham. You will complete an online based exam on one of EP Training's laptops.

Do I need an HGV licence to get an ADR licence?

You do not need to have an HGV licence to have an ADR licence. An ADR licence just means you can carry dangerous goods by road, so having only a car licence or even a motorcycle licence would be enough.

  • Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency
  • Scottish Qualifications Authority
  • Skills & Education Group
  • FORS - Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme
  • Driver CPC Approved Centre
  • ALLMI - Setting the standards for the Lorry Loader Industry
  • Department for Transport
  • Logistic Skills Network Member