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EP Training is a JAUPT (Centre Number AC110) approved centre to deliver Periodic Driver CPC. For Initial Driver CPC (Module 4) they are also an approved examination centre.

Since Driver CPC’s inception in 2008 EP Training has successfully trained more than 20,000 HGV and PCV drivers.

Whether it’s Initial CPC (Modules 2 and 4) or Periodic (35 hours every 5 years), EP Training provide high quality training solutions.  Once you complete your

Periodic or Initial CPC you will be awarded a Driver CPC card (DQC) which is valid for 5 years.

There are literally thousands of companies delivering Periodic Driver CPC so it is important you find the right training company for you.  Rest assured though, EP Training’s reputation for delivering high quality Driver CPC is second to none.

Please check their reviews on Google, Facebook and Trustpilot and see why they are rated so highly for Driver CPC nationwide.

Be smart and get 2 qualifications at the same time!

If you need to do your Driver CPC periodic training, then have you considered obtaining another qualification at the same time?

EP Training delivers a variety of courses that will also count as Driver CPC training.

For example, attending a 5 day ADR course will also give you 35 hours Driver CPC. Attending a 2-day ALLMI Lorry Loader course will also accumulate 14 hours CPC.

Periodic Driver CPC Training

This is what’s more commonly known as “35 hours every 5 years”.  EP training runs these 5 day courses every other week of the year, online, Monday to Friday.

The Covid 19 pandemic put an end to classroom tuition.  As a result, the option to “stay at home and train online” became available.

EP Training provides Periodic Driver CPC tuition online, via MS Teams.  If you have wifi and a “device” with a camera and microphone then you can attend.

Online Driver CPC is a great way to complete the 35 hours as there is no travelling or parking required, the price is extremely competitive and you’re saving the environment by reducing carbon emissions whilst travelling.

If you are a company and you prefer us to come to you and provide training this is not an issue as EP Training are JAUPT approved to provide “in company” tuition. Just call 01372 450 800 and speak with one of EP Training’s experts to determine your requirements.

Before you book your Periodic or Initial Driver CPC training, please check that you are attending the right course.  Attending the wrong course can mean no Driver CPC card being issued.

In order to complete Periodic CPC training, you need to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • You have, or you have had a DQC. It’s OK if it has expired or if it’s still valid (HGV), or
  • You passed a driving test that allowed you to drive a goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes on or before 10th September 2009 (HGV), or
  • You passed your car driving test before 1st Jan 1997 and wish to drive a C1 (7.5 tonnes) goods vehicle via grandfather rights.

If you meet any one of the above, then you can attend the Periodic CPC route.

The 5 days online course covers all the requirements needed for professional drivers to carry out their duties legally and competently including:   Drivers Hours, Vehicle and Loads, Safety and Security, Customer Care / First Aid, Vulnerable Road Users, TruckSmart.

All courses can be booked online.  Simply select your date and pay via our secure online payment service.

Driver CPC Initial Module 4

If you do need Driver CPC and do NOT meet the requirement for attending Periodic Driver CPC then Initial CPC is required.

EP Training is a DVSA approved examination centre for Driver CPC Module 4. This means that you will do the training and testing with EP Training at their location in Great Bookham, Surrey.

The Module 4 is the practical element of the Initial Driver CPC. To attend this course and take the exam the Module 2 Theory Tests must have been passed first.

To get a pass students must answer 5 questions using a suitable vehicle to demonstrate their answers.  EP Training provides first class tuition, a suitable vehicle and professional and friendly tutors and examiners.  EP Training’s pass rate for the Module 4 is an incredible 99%.  Some companies will deliver the Module 4 training and testing in 2 days.  However, with EP Training the training and testing is all completed in the 1 day, saving you time and frankly a lot of hassle.

Course can be booked online via our website.

Driver CPC Training

Get qualified and start your career today

Choose from the courses below or speak with an expert now, call 01372 450800.

Periodic Driver CPC Training. Complete 35 hours in 5 consecutive days


For LGV and PCV drivers who want to complete their 35 hours all in one go this is the best option.

Attend five 7 hour courses. Book all 5 courses together and pay £299.

This price includes tuition fees, VAT and Driver CPC registration (£43.75).

Course syllabus:

  • Drivers' Hours and Record Keeping
  • Vehicle Walk-Round, Safety Checks and Load Security
  • Customer Care and Defensive Driving / Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Vulnerable Road Users
  • TruckSmart (TfL)

All courses are currently being delivered online via video conferencing.

Drivers’ Hours and Record Keeping


7 hour Driver CPC JAUPT approved course.

This course will give drivers an understanding of their legal obligations regarding EU and domestic drivers' hours of work, the working time regulations and the use of both analogue and digital tachographs.

All courses are currently being delivered online via video conferencing.

Vehicle Safety Checks and Load Security


7 hour Driver CPC JAUPT approved course.

This course will give drivers an understanding of their legal obligations regarding vehicle walk-round safety checks and load security.

All courses are currently being delivered online via video conferencing.

Customer Care and Defensive Driving / Emergency First Aid at Work


On completion of the Customer Care and Defensive Driving course, drivers will have sufficient knowledge of their obligations for customer care and defensive driving techniques. This is a 7 hour Driver CPC JAUPT approved course.

In the instance an instructor that is First Aid qualified will be available, the course will be  'Emergency First Aid at Work' instead. This is also a 7 hour Driver CPC JAUPT approved course.

If you would like to find out which course will be completed, please email EP Training at or call 01372 450800 within 7 days before the course begins.


All courses are currently being delivered online via video conferencing.

Vulnerable Road Users


A 7 hour JAUPT approved Driver CPC course.  Vulnerable road users focuses on those who are more at risk such as pedestrians and cyclists.

This course is approved for FORS (Freight Operator Registration Scheme).

All courses are currently being delivered online via video conferencing.

TruckSmart FORS registerable if required for D4


TruckSmart is a FORS approved and registered 7 hour course for all commercial LGV drivers that equips them with the knowledge and skills to operate safe and roadworthy vehicles.

TruckSmart focuses on the importance of driving roadworthy LGVs and the role of the driver, which compliments the FORS eLearning modules and meets the requirements of FORS D4.

All courses are currently being delivered online via video conferencing.

Driver CPC Saturday Courses - Emergency First Aid at Work (Regulated)


This regulated one day course covers the requirements for first aid training in a low risk workplace. Drivers will learn how to correctly administer first aid for work related accidents and emergencies. Our first aid certification is valid for 3 years and includes 7h Driver CPC.

Price £135.00 per candidate max 12 candidates per course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some assistance, or have a question?

What is Driver CPC?

Driver CPC stands for Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. It is an EU Directive introduced for HGV’s on September 10th 2009. Although the UK has left the EU Driver CPC.


Still applies to new and existing professional lorry drivers operating HGV’s within the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Do I need Driver CPC?

The basic rule of thumb is if you are being paid a wage to drive a truck over 3.5 tonnes then you will need Driver CPC. That includes C1 (7.5 tonnes), Cat C (class 2, rigid) and C+E (class 1, artic., wag and drag) type vehicles.


Driver CPC Exemptions

There are exemptions and not everyone needs Driver CPC. For example, Emergency services, armed forces and fitters taking a vehicle for annual test, road testing or collection for PMI etc are not required to attain this qualification.  

Another exemption are those who are using that vehicle to carry plant, materials, equipment, tools etc to “site or place of work” and are using those items carried on that goods vehicle to carry out their main duties, i.e. not that of a truck driver.

A prime example used in this instance would be scaffolders, tree surgeons and builders. We strongly advise you Google “Driver CPC exemptions”, visit the .Gov website and decide for yourself if you need it or not. The onus will be on you and your company to prove you do not need a DQC.

How do I get a Driver CPC Card?

The Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) and the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is the government agency responsible for recording and issuing your DQC.

Depending on the way you attain your DQC (Initial or Periodic) will determine when you have completed your Driver CPC. If you are completing periodic Driver CPC then your DQC will be sent to your home address upon completing your 35 hours. If you are required to obtain Initial Driver CPC then your DQC will be issued upon passing your Module 4 demonstration test and be valid for 5 years.  

Can I Complete my Driver CPC Training Online?

If you are undertaking (and eligible to complete the 35 hours route) periodic Driver CPC then yes this can be done online from home. EP Training runs Driver CPC every Monday to Friday every other week of the year. They have a wide variety of courses to suit your specific needs including, Drivers Hours and Record Keeping, Walk Round Checks, Safety of Vehicle and Loads, Customer Care, ADR,  HIAB, First Aid etc.

Does Driver CPC have Exams?

Periodic Driver CPC (35 hours) has no examinations whatsoever and attendance is the only mandatory requirement. Once your 35 hours have been completed and uploaded onto the Government R&E system your DQC will automatically be issued by the DVLA to your home address.

The Initial Driver CPC does have 2 exams. The case study (Module 2) theory test and the Module 4 practical CPC demonstration test (Module 4). Once both tests have been passed a DQC will be issued and will last for 5 years. EP is a DVSA approved examination centre for Module 4 testing. This means you train and test in one day with them at Great Bookham in Surrey.

Is Driver CPC Going Away?

The short answer is no. Any transport regulation encompassing road safety, i.e. Driver CPC will not be removed from UK legislation. Big changes in the HGV licence acquisition process since November 2021 meant less regulation for new entrants wishing to gain class 1. There was an opportunity to also remove Driver CPC training however the fact it was not revoked is a big signal that it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

How Much Does Driver CPC Training Cost?

Costs can vary depending on whether your training is completed online or in the classroom. With the cost of living crisis it is essential you get value for money. This also applies to Driver CPC training. The chance to complete Driver CPC online is undoubtable the most economic and efficient way to get the DQC. There is no travelling involved as you can complete training from home and the cost is substantially cheaper than undertaking classroom tuition. EP delivers online Driver CPC training most days of the year and have a reputation that is second to none.

What type of Driver CPC Do I Need?

There are actually 2 types of Drivers CPC and it is very important you do the correct one otherwise you are wasting both time and money. Most people and companies think that Driver CPC periodic training is what every HGV driver (over 3.5 tonnes) needs to complete. But that is not correct.

To be eligible for Periodic CPC you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

·       You already had or have a DQC.

·         You got your HGV licence (cat C) before 10.09.2009

·         You obtained your car driving licence pre 01.01.1999 and intend to driver a C1 professionally

If none of the above requirements are met you will need to pass the Initial CPC, otherwise known as Modules 2 and 4.

Initial CPC is a theoretical examination (Module 2) and a practical test (not driving), Module 4. Its very straight forward. Please view our video on YouTube for more info or call EP who will assist, guide and arrange everything for you. 

  • Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency
  • Scottish Qualifications Authority
  • Skills & Education Group
  • FORS - Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme
  • Driver CPC Approved Centre
  • ALLMI - Setting the standards for the Lorry Loader Industry
  • Department for Transport
  • Logistic Skills Network Member