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Online Driver CPC Training - How Does it Work?

You will probably have noticed that we've made a few changes to the way we deliver our courses because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic situation.

Essentially, we've moved over our Driver CPC courses from classroom training to online training.  DVSA have suspended all classroom Driver CPC tuition for the foreseeable future but the show must go on!  While this may seem like a big change, we've made sure that many of the key elements that students have come to expect from our face-to-face training remain in place for the duration of our web-based tuition.  Let's break that down for you:

1.  Our Courses are still JAUPT or FORS Approved

We're still delivering the very best industry approved courses and we're continuing to follow our standard protocol for Driver CPC training.  This means your course will be no less than 7 hours in duration.  Breaks will be factored into the day and we will discuss this with you ahead of your training.  Make sure you have a suitable room/environment to attend the course and that your computer or laptop is fully charged or plugged in before the course begins!  

2.  Courses are Still Delivered by EP Training Tutors  

Everything remains in-house.  As well as being industry specialists, our tutors are tech-savvy and have had plenty of experience delivering 'Virtual CPC'!    They'll deliver the same content and will utilise teaching aids as used in classroom training to enhance your learning.  In order to interact with the tutor and other students as part of the course, you will need to ensure you have good internet access as well as a working microphone and camera.  We want to see you and hear you!

3.  Still Value for Money

We were value for money before and even more so now!  With no extra travel expenses to attend an EP Training course, you'll be quids in.  Our training works out at just over £7.00 an hour all in.  All forms and applications are managed and sent online.  We'll ask you to log into free video conferencing software and will send over simple instructions to do so.

We hope this insight sheds light on how we're adapting our training.  Please do get in touch if you have any further questions. 

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