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EP Training has for more than 40 years been a leading provider of Freight Transport Manager (CPC) training and consultancy, including home study, online and intensive classroom courses.

EP Training has delivered hundreds of Freight CPC courses since 1981 with above national average pass rates. Their Transport Manager instructors are renowned for providing excellent course delivery. You won’t find better.

Whether it’s the Transport Manager qualification, the 2-day Transport Manager Refresher course or the 1-day Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course, EP Training has the solutions you need.

All courses can be booked online or just give EP Training a call and speak with their experts. All prices are inclusive of tuition, VAT, test fees and study material.

Transport Manager CPC Training (CPC)

If your intention is to “use” a goods vehicle in excess of 3.5 tonnes MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass), for the purposes of commerce, i.e. related to a business activity then an Operator licence will be required.

If you transport other people’s goods then legally you must appoint/employ a qualified Transport Manager (CPC holder).

To become a qualified CPC holder you must obtain the Transport Manager (TM) qualification. That means demonstrating competence in matters relating to managing a freight transport business.

Obtaining the CPC qualification requires familiarising yourself with the syllabus and passing two examinations. It’s a challenging exam so you need to prepare adequately. 

The exams are made up of a multiple choice (R1) and case study (R2) paper. The case study is an open book exam, meaning you can take in supporting literature into the exam room with you. 

The syllabus covers all matters relating to running a transport business including: fiscal management, vehicle maintenance, drivers’ hours, Operator licensing, construction and use regulations, employment law, ADR and many more subjects.

Therefore, suitable training and preparation is the key to achieving success.

EP Training offers several options when it comes to TM CPC training:

  • Intensive classroom CPC courses,
  • Home study, and
  • Online (for TM Refresher and OLAT)

Please view the options online to see what suits you best or just call their experts on 01372 450800. All courses can be purchased with confidence via the website

Transport Manager Refresher Training (TM Refresher)

The Transport Manager CPC qualification is granted for life and legally is not subject to renewal.  However, in recent years there has become a requirement for CPC holders to attend periodic refresher training.  Continual Professional Development (CPD) means CPC holders completing formal regular training sessions.  Ideally a 2-day Transport Manager (TM) refresher course should be done every 5 years.  Whether it be the Traffic Commissioner (TC) or Freight Operator Registration Scheme (FORS) requesting confirmation of attendance, EP Training’s TM refresher training is recognised by all bodies and associations.

The 2-day course requires attendance only and no exams need to be sat and passed.  Also, to save time, money and the environment EP Training delivers these courses online using MS Teams.  Upon course completion attendees will receive a certificate confirming attendance.

Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT)

If you “use” a goods vehicle in excess of 3.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and move your “own goods” you will require a Restricted Operator Licence. A restricted O Licence is required for companies/owner drivers/sole traders who will only ever move their own goods and not that of others.  A typical example of a company that will require this type of accreditation may be scaffolders, builders’ merchants and supermarkets.  Having a Restricted Operator O Licence is the same as having a Standard Operator licence (you move your own and other people goods) except Restricted Operators are not legally required to appoint a CPC holder (qualified Transport Manager).

However, both variations of Operator licences are subject to stringent regulations enforced by the police, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and The Transport Commissioner’s Office (TC’s).

Your company is still subject to high standards of vehicle day to day management, including: Vehicle maintenance, drivers hours recording and analysis and ensuring vehicles do not exceed permitted legal weight limits. 

There are serious consequences for non-compliance, including suspension, curtailing and revoking of your O licence.

It is extremely advisable that if you intend to acquire, or you already have a Restricted O licence that you complete an Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course.  This will familiarise you with your legal obligations and bring you up to date with any changes in legislation.

In fact, you will find the granting or amending of a restricted O licence will depend on certain company employees and directors attending an OLAT course.

The course is one day in duration, delivered online and there are no exams to pass.  Attendance is the only thing needed.  Upon completion you will receive an attendance certificate which can be sent to the TC as confirmation.

All course listed can be booked and purchased online via this website.

Operator CPC Training

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Choose from the courses below or speak with an expert now, call 01372 450800.

Option 1: 10 Day CPC International Freight Intensive Course (Best Seller)


If you or your employees need to obtain the Freight TM CPC qualification and are based in the Surrey area you simply have to use EP Training! Their reputation for providing excellent CPC tuition is second to none.

CPC Freight TM classroom courses are run from Great Bookham, Surrey and scheduled to coincide with examinations. The exam months are March, June, September and December.

EP Training is a Skills and Logistics approved CPC examination centre. This means you complete the course and exam with them at the same location.

To be in the best possible position to pass the Freight TM CPC exams first time then we recommend you select this course. The reason being there is a lot to learn and having tutor interaction and expert in-class training makes such a difference to achieving success.

When you book your classroom course EP Training will dispatch your confirmation, course notes/study pack within 24 hours. Course times will be 9.00 am till 4.30 pm. Lunch is also provided.

Option 2: CPC Home Study, 1 Day Revision and Exam Entry


If you cannot attend the 10-day classroom Transport Manager CPC course then why not consider option 2?

Selecting this option will provide you with EP Training’s very own written, CPC National and International freight home study pack, one-day classroom training session and exam entry.  Home study can be a good way of learning the syllabus, however, discipline and good time study management is vital. The one-day revision will be spent covering pre-released case studies and this is run from Great Bookham. EP Training shall also enrol you onto the R1 and R2 exams (multi choice 70%, case study 50%) on the date of your choice (March, June, September and December).

Option 3: Just the Pack


Before you embark on booking any classroom courses or exams why not just buy the home study pack first? EP Training is one of only a few CPC training companies that produce their own home study packs.

Since 1981 over 15,000 home study packs have been purchased and used by EP Training’s customers. Study material is comprehensive, up to date, and easy to understand and come with telephone support.

The study packs have nearly 600 pages of content and have been written by haulage industry experts. Content reflects the current CPC syllabus. Your home study pack can also be taken into your R2 (case study) exam as it is an open book test.

Once we receive your purchase, your study pack will immediately be issued to you via courier. Students that attend our intensive courses will receive a home study pack at the point of booking.

Option 4: Case Study R2 Revision Seminar


Whether you are just doing the home study or attending the 10-day national and international freight course passing the exams are not easy.

Out of the 2 exams that must be passed, R1 (multi choice) R2 (case study), statistics show it is the case study that proves the most challenging element. This despite it being an open book exam and the pass mark required is 50%.

To help you pass the R2, EP Training provides one-day courses designed to assist and prepare adequately for the case study CPC exam.

The day is spent going through previous case study examinations and highlighting what the exam markers are looking for. Our instructors are experts in their field and will help you achieve your pass. The course will be run on the Saturday before the following Friday’s exam.

Option 5: Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT)


If you wish to acquire a Restricted O Licence or have been called to a Public Inquiry (PI) then we strongly recommend attending this one-day Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course.

If you have a PI date then we suggest you book and attend your OLAT course before you are called before the TC. This will show you are being proactive and may assist the outcome of your hearing.

This one-day online course is suitable for company directors and other relevant organisation employees and covers undertakings regarding your Operator licence.

The session covers Drivers Hours (domestic and EU), Vehicle Defect Prevention (maintenance and pre-use checking) and ensuring the prevention of the overloading of your vehicles. No exams must be passed however a good understanding of the subject matter must be attained. EP Training will provide a certification and attendance.

Option 6: CPC Transport Manager Refresher (TM)


In accordance with the Traffic Commissioner (TC) criteria, by being an approved TM CPC exam centre, EP Training is authorised to provide a 2-day TM refresher courses.

Your CPC certification is in fact granted for “life” however TM’s are actively encouraged to complete ongoing refresher tuition (CPD).

CPC, CPD should be completed ideally every 5 years and is usually a stipulation from the TC when any application to an Operator’s Licence is sought.

Don’t worry there are no exams that must be passed, you did all that when you passed your original CPC exams.

The 2-days training requires your attendance only and upon completion you will be issued a  certificate of completion.

This course is a mini CPC TM course but focuses very much on the day to day running of the vehicles, including hours, maintenance and weights. EP Training runs these courses online and typically on the last Thursday and Friday of each month. The instructors are amazing and have a wealth of knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need some assistance, or have a question?

What is a Transport Manager Qualification?

Better known as a TM CPC, The Transport Manager Certificate of Professional Competence) is a qualification that confirms the holder has demonstrated a thorough understanding and knowledge of commercial transport operations. This relates to commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes GVW (UK) or 2.5 Tonnes for international movements.

Do I Need The Transport Manager Qualification?

If you intend to provide commercial transport operations and haul other people’s goods, then you will require a standard operator licence (O licence). It is a legal requirement to appoint a TM CPC as part of the operator licencing application. If you will only move your own goods for commercial purposes, then a restricted O licence is needed and in this instance a TM CPC may NOT be appointed. However, it is still recommended the person responsible for day to day running of the vehicles knows how to carry out their duties.

How do I Study for My Transport Manager CPC?

There are various options as to how you can prepare for the examinations, which are held every 3 months. It takes a while to study, sit the test, and receive the examination results (up to 8 weeks).

To obtain a TM CPC qualification, you will need to familiarise yourself with the course syllabus as well as pass 2 examinations. The subject matter relates to activities concerning competently running a company that uses commercial vehicles to transport their goods or other people’s goods.

The options to study are currently online, home study book or classroom. EP was one of the first in the UK to offer home study and intensive course tuition for those wishing to gain the TM CPC.

They do NOT provide online tuition for the TM CPC as in their opinion the lesson is too intense to risk attending this course over the net.  They recommend you attend the 9-10 day course run from their Great Bookham Training Location every 12 weeks.

What Exams Do I Need to Pass?

In order to get the National and International TM CPC (the National on its own is no longer possible) 2 tests must be sat and passed. A Multiple Choice and Case Study is what must be taken. The good news is the Case Study is open book meaning you can take whatever supporting written material into the exam. EP is a Skills and Education approved exam centre, so you complete the course and exams with them. The core subject’s syllabus includes drivers’ hours and record keeping, vehicle maintenance, the operator licencing scheme and financial competence. There are also other areas such as ADR, abnormal loads, vehicles, types, construction and use regulations etc. You do NOT have to been involved in commercial transport operations before to pass the exams.

Are the Transport manager CPC Exams Difficult?

The tests are not easy and you MUST know your subject matter to gain success. If only 1 of the 2 exams are passed, then only the failed element needs to be re-sat. Upon passing both tests a TM CPC certificate will be issued. This qualification is the equivalent to an NVQ level 3 or an O level examination. To get the best result we recommend you attend the classroom course.

I Have an Operator CPC qualification, do I need Driver CPC?

The Transport Manager CPC is NOT the same as the Driver CPC qualification. They are different and should be treated as such. The TM CPC is for the company (owner driver, external or internal TM) whereas the Driver CPC is specifically for the driver. Having one qualification does NOT exempt the need to obtain the other. For example, if you are an “owner operator” who moves other people’s goods you will require both a TM CPC and Driver CPC qualification.

How Long Does This Qualification Last?

Once a TM CPC qualification has been gained it is technically valid for life. Current exams are not required to be renewed every, for example, 5 years. Your CPC qualification may be taken away if you neglect to perform your required legal duties as an employed TM for an operator. The Transport Commissioner (TC) and other agencies encourage Continual Professional Development (CPD) regarding CPC holders. In light of this, CPC holders are encouraged to attend TM refresher courses (2 days) at least every 5 years. The idea is to keep up to date with every changing legislation within the commercial transport industry.  EP provides expert tuition on TM 2-day refresher and 1 day Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) training.

What is an Operator’s Licence?

An Operator’s Licence, also own as an O licence is what is legally required by businesses that “operate”, in the UK and use goods vehicles in excess of 3.5 tonnes Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM).
The O Licence requires operators to adhere to certain obligations including Drivers Hours, Defects and preventing vehicle overloading. Failure to comply could result in an O licence being revoked. For many no O licence means no business. Therefore, adhering to the conditions of the O licence is vital in ensuring a transport company continues to operate and exist.

What is a Restricted Operator Licence?

If you wish to move your own goods and not those belonging to other people and businesses, then a restricted operator licence is needed, and no TM CPC may be appointed. Whether you apply for a restricted or standard Operator licence the rules and regulations are the same.

Why Train With EP Training?

EP has been delivering Operator CPC tuition for freight vehicles since the O licence came into fruition in the early 1980’s. Since then, literally thousands of students have trained with EP and successfully passed the TM CPC examinations. There are many companies within the UK that offer the TM CPC training course and choosing the right provider is essential in ensuring you attain that qualification.

EP has one of the best reputations in the industry when it comes to Operator CPC training. Their instructors have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Whether it’s home study, classroom, refresher, or consultancy, you simply can’t go wrong with EP! 

  • Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency
  • Scottish Qualifications Authority
  • Skills & Education Group
  • FORS - Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme
  • Driver CPC Approved Centre
  • ALLMI - Setting the standards for the Lorry Loader Industry
  • Department for Transport
  • Logistic Skills Network Member