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Obtaining an operator licence is no easy feat and maintaining an operator licence is something completely different! In an industry that is heavily regulated an operator who is serious and committed to running a proper transport business must adhere to all the conditions of the O licence scheme.  Whether that be a restricted or standard licence, having your O licence suspended, curtailed or even revoked is not an option.

Look no further than EP Training for first O licence applications, changes to existing licences, public enquiry assistance, audits or O licence compliance refresher courses.

EP Training has been assisting commercial transport companies meet their operator licence obligations for nearly 40 years.

Training is delivered from the purpose built training centre in Bookham, Surrey or, if preferred, 'in-company'.

Services include:

  • Full assistance in all aspects of applying for your initial restricted or standard operator licence
  • Full Operator Licence training including full Skills and Education Group CPC Transport Manager 10 day tuition, Home Study tuition for Skills and Education Group CPC Manager Qualification, 1 or 2 day O licence refresher/awareness training (approved by the Traffic Commissioner)
  • Full assistance in all matters relating to PI (Public Enquiry)
  • Assistance in improving OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Score) ranking
  • Company O Licence audit and reporting
  • Driver CPC training and consultancy

EP Training has successfully trained in excess of 25,000 students in disciplines related to Operator Licencing. Call today and stay compliant.

Operator Licence Consultancy

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Option 5: Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT)


If you wish to acquire a Restricted O Licence or have been called to a Public Inquiry (PI) then we strongly recommend attending this one-day Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) course.

If you have a PI date then we suggest you book and attend your OLAT course before you are called before the TC. This will show you are being proactive and may assist the outcome of your hearing.

This one-day online course is suitable for company directors and other relevant organisation employees and covers undertakings regarding your Operator licence.

The session covers Drivers Hours (domestic and EU), Vehicle Defect Prevention (maintenance and pre-use checking) and ensuring the prevention of the overloading of your vehicles. No exams must be passed however a good understanding of the subject matter must be attained. EP Training will provide a certification and attendance.

Option 6: CPC Transport Manager Refresher (TM)


In accordance with the Traffic Commissioner (TC) criteria, by being an approved TM CPC exam centre, EP Training is authorised to provide a 2-day TM refresher courses.

Your CPC certification is in fact granted for “life” however TM’s are actively encouraged to complete ongoing refresher tuition (CPD).

CPC, CPD should be completed ideally every 5 years and is usually a stipulation from the TC when any application to an Operator’s Licence is sought.

Don’t worry there are no exams that must be passed, you did all that when you passed your original CPC exams.

The 2-days training requires your attendance only and upon completion you will be issued a  certificate of completion.

This course is a mini CPC TM course but focuses very much on the day to day running of the vehicles, including hours, maintenance and weights. EP Training runs these courses online and typically on the last Thursday and Friday of each month. The instructors are amazing and have a wealth of knowledge.

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