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DGSA Intensive Courses


In order to comply with the CDG regulations (ADR), all companies involved in the movement of dangerous goods by road and that fall within the scope of ADR must have an appointed DGSA to advise on correct procedures.

EP Training has joined together with Cargo Training International, Training Team and Peter East Associates to provide the best possible DGSA course available.

Courses are run from Heathrow or Manchester.

The course is 5 days in duration. Courses are run to coincide with SQA examinations.

It is an open book examination. 3 examinations must be sat and passed in order to gain this qualification. The DGSA certificate last 5 years. The price (£1,500) includes tuition fees, VAT, permitted books and exam entry.

DGSA Consultancy Services

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If you transport dangerous goods, by law you must appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA).

You have two options:

1. Train yourself or an employee
2. Appoint a consultant

EP Training has been delivering dangerous goods training for over 25 years. We employ DGSA consultants who are available to assist companies in meeting their dangerous goods transportation requirements.

Full consultancy services include:

Initial visits
Monitoring visits
End of year reports
Telephone assistance

If you need a DGSA, why not call the experts and see how EP Training can help you.

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Course Overview

Any company that transports, loads and unloads dangerous goods via the road network must appoint at least one qualified DGSA. At EP Training we take a flexible approach to our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) courses. That’s why we’re one of the top DGSA course providers in the UK.

DGSA Courses - Expertly Written – Expertly Delivered

Written by our in-house professionals who are DGSA qualified personnel to over 30 independent companies themselves, our courses are written to follow the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) syllabus and are regularly updated and revised to ensure they meet current standards and criteria.

Over 35 years of practical and hands-on wealth and expertise have been weaved into our DGSA training programme.

DGSA Intensive Courses

We’ve teamed up with fellow leading institutions: Cargo Training International, Training Team and Peter East Associates to deliver a 5 day DGSA intensive course that can be tailored for new students or students looking to renew their qualification.

The course covers core, road and all classes to ensure a detailed and thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a qualified DGSA.

Our consortium offers north and south options (at carefully selected locations in Heathrow and Manchester) at regular intervals throughout the year. Furthermore we can assist with ordering the permitted books (allowed in the examinations) and SQA examinations entry. The options and prices for examination entry are as follows:

  •    £285 for all three exams on the same day
  • £210 for two exams on the same day
  • £105 for just one exam

Please note: An interest free credit option via Pay4Later is available for this training.

DGSA Distance Learning

We understand that not everyone can make a 5 day commitment to attend our intensive training course. We also appreciate that some students prefer to study at their own pace over a longer period of time. That’s why we offer a distance learning option that covers the same core, road and all classes content as our classroom based courses.

Our home study packs also come with a dedicated tutor and full telephone support throughout the duration of the course.

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