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Sun, June 02, 2024

CPC Instructor Course: Your Path to Becoming a Certified Trainer

CPC Instructor Course: Your Path to Becoming a Certified Trainer

The role of Driver CPC instruction was established with the introduction of Driver CPC legislation in September 2008 for buses and 2009 for trucks over 3.5 tonnes. Since then, drivers have been required to complete Driver CPC training. It's estimated that there are currently 4,000 Driver CPC training providers delivering CPC to approximately 400,000 HGV and PCV drivers every 5 years.

In this post, we explore the pathway to becoming an approved instructor via the DVSA, outlining the requirements and how to maintain your approval. While companies like RHA and RTITB offer training to become proficient in delivering Driver CPC, it's important to note that attending these courses is not mandatory to become an approved instructor.


CPC Instructor Course



Overview of the CPC instructor course content and structure


Driver CPC trainer courses typically last 5 days and are classroom-based. These courses cover topics such as teaching techniques, time management, handling questions, and the proper administration of the Driver CPC system. While most companies do not include an examination in these courses, they ensure a good level of understanding throughout the training.

It is expected that attendees already have a significant degree of teaching experience, as the "train the trainer" courses are short in duration. The vast majority of these courses are conducted in person, as tutor interaction is essential for effectively conveying the material. Availability of online CPC instructor courses is rare.


CPC Instructor Course Cost



Breakdown of the typical costs associated with CPC instructor courses


The cost of Driver CPC trainer courses varies significantly depending on the training provider. Some companies charge much more than others, with costs ranging from £700 to £7,000. For instance, the RTITB offers high-quality training but is one of the most expensive options available, potentially costing thousands of pounds.


Comparison of costs between different training providers and course formats


When choosing a training provider, it's crucial to consider cost as a factor. We recommend contacting at least three companies to compare their offerings and ensure you don't overpay. While RTITB provides excellent tuition, other providers offer comparable quality at a lower price. By shopping around, you can find a course that meets your needs and budget without compromising on quality.


CPC Instructor Exam


There is no examination for this course, and a general level of understanding is the only requirement. Upon completion, attendees will have all the knowledge and skills needed to deliver periodic Driver CPC training to a high standard. No exam is required to achieve this qualification.


Qualifications Needed to Teach CPC



Detailed list of the qualifications required to become a CPC instructor


As mentioned earlier in this post, there is no mandatory requirement to have any previous qualifications to become a Driver CPC instructor. The only requirement from the DVSA is that instructors are competent and possess the necessary knowledge and skills. While the DVSA prefers instructors to have qualifications, there is no legal requirement for any specific qualifications. Some may argue that Driver CPC "train the trainer" courses are simply money-making schemes for certain organizations.


Explanation of the importance of industry experience and educational background.


It is, however, essential that instructors know what they are talking about, can keep a classroom engaged, and are able to answer any industry-specific questions from attendees. Attending a train-the-trainer course can give instructors the extra confidence needed for the effective delivery of Driver CPC training.




In conclusion, it is not mandatory to complete a Driver CPC train-the-trainer course before becoming approved to run these courses. Knowledge and skills have always been the main ingredients for the successful delivery of Driver CPC training. Qualifications are beneficial but not essential, and one might argue why bother completing one of these courses when you don’t really need to. It is also best to complete this tuition in a classroom rather than online.

However, in defense of these courses, they can provide trainers with more confidence and knowledge. Ultimately, getting a return on your investment is crucial. We hope this post has given you a clearer insight into what Driver CPC train-the-trainer courses are all about.


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