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Wed, September 06, 2023

Making an Impactful HGV Driver CV: Examples, Tips and Templates

Making an Impactful HGV Driver CV: Examples, Tips and Templates

Whether you're a recently certified or seasoned HGV driver, a well-crafted, pertinent, and attention-grabbing CV can make all the difference in securing that truck driving job. In most cases, prospective employers will review your CV before considering you for an interview. Consequently, having an outstanding résumé will greatly enhance your chances of finding employment in the haulage industry. In this blog, we delve into the best practices for creating the ideal curriculum vitae of a lorry driver and offer valuable insights and tips to help you kickstart your career in this field.


Essential Components of an LGV Driver CV


While there are no strict rules for HGV driver’s CV creation, certain essential details such as name, address, date of birth, etc., must be included. It's crucial to emphasize qualifications, skills, and knowledge relevant to truck driving, as this section serves as your pitch to potential transport employers.


Chronological order for HGV driver Curriculum Vitae


Showcase your Professional qualifications first.


A strategic approach is to dedicate the initial section of your résumé to showcasing your qualifications. This may encompass HGV entitlement, categories acquired, and attainment dates, Driver CPC entitlement, Driver Card, and any other pertinent qualifications. For instance, some drivers may hold additional certifications like an ADR (dangerous goods license) or HIAB training certificate (mobile mounted crane), which can be valuable assets.


A cursory glance of academic qualifications


Another important element is to include any academic attainments you have achieved whilst at school or college as this may assist in your application.   


Add any prior experience.


Many transport companies hiring truck drivers prefer a minimum of 2 years of HGV driving experience, although it's not always mandatory. Therefore, experienced HGV drivers should highlight and emphasize any relevant experience acquired while working for transport companies.


Drivers with no experience


Newly qualified individuals with limited or no experience may face a more challenging journey. In this situation, we recommend expressing your passion and enthusiasm for embarking on a career as an HGV driver. It could also be beneficial to mention your willingness to accept a lower initial salary while you gain valuable experience. Numerous transport companies are open to providing opportunities to newly qualified drivers who exhibit the right attitude and aptitude. It's essential to include contact details for previous employers as most prospective employers will request references.


Highlighting HGV Driver Skills


Lorry drivers fulfill a wide range of responsibilities beyond driving, and it's important to showcase these skills on your resume. In addition to driving, lorry drivers are expected to excel in tasks such as route planning (including map reading), understanding lorry maintenance, and adhering to legal obligations. Highlighting additional skills like effective time management, both independent and teamwork abilities, knowledge of secure loading practices, and strong communication skills is equally essential. 


Advice for Inexperienced LGV Drivers


Lacking the preferred 2 years of driving experience can pose a challenge for newly certified HGV drivers seeking employment. It's important to remember that no one is born with 2 years of driving experience; everyone starts somewhere.

For newcomers, we recommend creating a strong CV and distributing it to as many transport companies and employment agencies as possible. In the early stages, it's a numbers game – the more job applications you submit, the higher your chances of securing lorry driver employment. Consider visiting local trading estates and hand-delivering your CV to haulage companies. Once your CV is out there, don't hesitate to follow up with phone calls or emails to express your interest. Persistence is the key to breaking into the industry. 

As previously mentioned, it's crucial to customize your CV to match the employer's specific requirements. Align your qualifications with the keywords found in the job advertisement, and if applicable, emphasize that you personally invested in your LGV and Driver CPC training. This investment not only demonstrates your commitment but also underscores your genuine enthusiasm for the role.


Importance of Professional References for a Class 1 driver’s resume


The role of an LGV driver often involves transporting goods that can be dangerous, highly consequential, or of significant value. Many employers, as per their contractual obligations, require a minimum of 5 years of employment reference history for new drivers. Therefore, when crafting your CV, it's essential to provide a detailed employment history spanning at least 5 years. Include the contact’s name and contact details for each previous employer to facilitate reference checks.


Finalizing your CV


Now that you've completed your resume, it's important to use a checklist to ensure all essential elements are included. Conduct thorough proofreading to eliminate any grammatical errors. Before you start sending your CV to potential employers, seek feedback from your HGV training school instructor. Valuable input from your peers on ways to enhance your resume should be considered and implemented if necessary.


Example of a Personal Statement for newly qualified HGV driver CV

As a newly qualified HGV driver, I bring a strong commitment to safety, attention to detail, and a dedication to continuous learning. While I may have limited experience, my enthusiasm, adaptability, and willingness to embrace challenges make me a promising candidate for your team. I'm eager to contribute to your organization's success and open to a lower starting salary to gain valuable hands-on experience in this dynamic industry. With a solid foundation in HGV driving principles, I'm ready to uphold safety and efficiency standards and make a positive impact on your operations.

Examples and Templates for HGV Driver CV


Below are excellent examples of CVs for HGV drivers. If you're a lorry driver seeking resume templates, these can serve as a great starting point for you.


HGV Driver CV
Courtesy of Standout CV.


HGV Driver CV
Courtesy of Standout CV.


Free HGV driver CV templates online


There are a variety of free C.V. templates available online that are ideal and can be used for creating your profile for driving HGV’s. Below are some links we discovered which are available to use.





The Bottom Line


Securing a job as an HGV driver can be a challenging task. However, having a professionally crafted and visually appealing CV can make a significant difference, giving you a competitive edge.

In this blog, we've discussed the essential elements of CV writing, including its structure and content. Your CV serves as the storefront to potential employers, making it crucial to design something that immediately captures their attention and leads to an interview.

For those venturing into the truck driving profession for the first time, it's important to circulate your CV to as many prospective employers as possible. The persistent shortage of truck drivers, dating back to the inception of trucks, continues today, translating into numerous job opportunities. With diligent effort and a well-crafted CV, you can swiftly secure a position as a professional lorry driver and commence your career.