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Mon, July 03, 2023

HGV Medicals in Surrey

HGV Medicals in Surrey
HGV Medicals in Surrey

EP Training Services has been providing HGV tuition for well over 40 years and this includes arranging a medical for the provisional application.

Over the years, 1,000’s of students have completed the HGV medical with EP.  Not only that, EP Training Services has also provided HGV physical inspections for those wishing to renew their vocational entitlement.

With the demand for medicals ever increasing and the fact that getting a medical with your own GP can be very time consuming and costly, EP has opened its doors to all.

EP Training Services is delighted to now offer this medical service to everybody, regardless of whether you are undertaking HGV training with EP.

Your vocational licence is typically valid until you are 45 years of age.  At that time, you will be invited to apply to extend your HGV licence for another 5 years.  In this instance a medical is required to confirm you are still physically fit to drive a truck.  It is also worth checking, on the application form the DVLA would have sent you, if there is a need to renew your photo on your driving licence. 

The medical is relatively straight forward and should take no longer than 15 -20 minutes.

During the medical examination you will need to undergo an eye test and have your blood pressure taken.  You must be below 180/100 for your BP readings or DVLA will reject your application.  If this does happen, then we advise you to visit your GP and be prescribed medication to reduce your reading.

You must also declare any existing medical conditions that could affect your ability to drive.

EP Training Services provides medicals every other week from their purpose built training location, based in Leatherhead, Surrey.

Every second Friday EP runs medicals as well as a ‘check and send’ service.  Completing your medical with EP couldn’t be easier.  The process takes no more than 1 hour.  EP Training Services will make sure ALL your forms are completed and will send everything to DVLA for you.

EP Training Services has many years of experience in these matters which means your application will not be returned from DVLA due to not having completed the forms correctly.

The price for this service is £90 per person and can be booked by calling 01372 450 800.