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Mon, February 26, 2024

HGV Show Me Tell Me Questions and Practical Test 2024

HGV Show Me Tell Me Questions and Practical Test 2024

To obtain an HGV driving license, you must demonstrate competence in the HGV tell-me-show-me questions. These questions are posed by your driving examiner just before you undertake your on-road HGV driving test (Module 3b). They typically involve practical scenarios where you must either show or explain your answers using a suitable HGV vehicle.


Importance of Show Me Tell Me questions in HGV practical tests


It's crucial to be familiar with all possible tell-me-show-me questions before your on-road test, as incorrect answers can result in minor faults. Failing all tell-me-show-me questions means failing the 3b on-road test. These questions pertain to vehicle maintenance and legal requirements, reflecting the HGV driver's responsibility for the vehicle and its cargo on the road. While many questions may seem like common sense, some are technical and require prior knowledge. Therefore, thorough preparation is essential to ensure success on the test.


Understanding HGV Show Me Tell Me Questions



Explanation of what Show Me Tell Me questions entail


During your on-road 3b driving test, your examiner will ask you up to 5 tell-me-show-me questions at the beginning of the test. It's crucial to pay close attention to the examiner's instructions and whether they are asking you to show or tell them. Understanding this difference is important for providing the correct response during the examination.


Types of questions asked in HGV Class 1 and Class 2 tests



Tell-me-show-me questions are a standard part of all HGV tests, including those for C1, C, and CE licenses. Regardless of the category of the driving test, the questions are very similar. An example of a typical question is to inform the examiner about the minimum legal requirement for a goods vehicle tire, how you would ensure it is correctly inflated, and any other checks you might perform regarding its integrity and condition.

The answer to the first question would involve ensuring that the tire has a minimum tread depth of 1mm, spanning at least three-quarters of its width in a continuous band around the circumference. Additionally, I would inspect the tire for any bulges, tears, cuts, or exposed cords on the sidewall. To determine the correct tire pressure, I would consult the owner's manual for the recommended inflation guidelines and use a tire pressure gauge to measure the current pressure accurately.

As for the second question, regarding safety factors when loading the vehicle, I would emphasize the importance of evenly distributing the load, securing it properly, and ensuring it does not exceed the permitted vehicle weight limits. These measures are crucial for maintaining vehicle stability and road safety during transportation.
Indeed, while many of the tell me show me questions may seem straightforward, it's essential for HGV driving instructors to review them with their students beforehand to ensure thorough preparation for the on-road driving test.


EP Training's "Tell me Show Me" video on YouTube, with over 400,000 views, serves as an excellent resource and refresher for individuals getting ready for their tests. It provides valuable insights and demonstrations, helping candidates feel more confident and prepared on the day of their examination.

Importance of preparation for successful performance in the practical test


It's crucial to approach the tell me show me questions with care, as each incorrect response results in a minor fault being recorded during the 3b driving test. Accumulating more than 12 minor faults on the test leads to failure, emphasizing the importance of getting these questions right from the start.



While many of the tell me show me questions may have been covered during HGV theory training and tests, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the specific operations of your training vehicle. Practicing these scenarios beforehand can help ensure you're well-prepared to demonstrate your knowledge and skills during the test.

It's essential to be proficient in operating various vehicle functions, such as windscreen wipers, lights, and the horn, as required by the tell me show me questions. Lack of familiarity with these operations can put you at a disadvantage during the practical driving test.

While tell me show me questions are generally straightforward, candidates should aim to answer them flawlessly to avoid accumulating minor faults. The DVSA manages this examination process, and successful completion of the 3b on-road driving test leads to the issuance of a driving license by the DVLA.

Candidates do not directly book the tell me show me examination; instead, it is arranged by their training provider as part of the 3b on-road driving test. Failing all tell me show me questions results in failure of the entire 3b test, requiring a waiting period of at least three working days before retesting.

If a candidate receives a "serious" or "dangerous" fault from the examiner during the driving test, regardless of the number of minor faults, they will fail the on-road driving test.

The DVSA has maintained the same bank of tell me show me questions for many years, reflecting the consistent importance of vehicle maintenance and regulation. These questions underscore the significance of maintaining a vehicle in good condition.

The on-road driving test, known as the 3b, is a one-hour driving exercise overseen by the DVSA. It aims to assess competency and safety in all aspects of driving an HGV. Conducted on public roads with varying conditions, the test is scheduled by the training provider to align with the candidate's practical driving course.


Tips for Passing the HGV Practical Test


1. Remember to bring your driving license and your Module 3a pass certificate for the reverse test. Get a good night's sleep before the test and arrive early to ensure you're prepared.

2. Take a one-hour pre-test drive to warm up, but avoid driving excessively beforehand to prevent fatigue.

3. Stay focused and plan ahead while driving. Keep your eyes on the road and anticipate potential hazards.

4. Check your mirrors regularly before making any maneuvers such as changing speed or direction.

5. Be prepared for unexpected actions from other road users, especially when driving a large vehicle with learner plates.

Feeling nervous before your driving test is normal, but it's essential to have confidence in your abilities. Trust in your training and stay focused during the test. Passing the HGV driving test requires a high standard of driving, but with proper preparation and a reliable training provider, you can approach the experience with confidence. Remember, you've invested in this opportunity, so make the most of it and enjoy the experience.




Tell me show me questions should be considered a straightforward part of the HGV driving test and not a major concern. With proper preparation, it's entirely possible to answer all five questions correctly. Ideally, you should aim for a flawless performance on these questions before moving on to the road driving test.

Much of the information covered in the tell me show me questions is included in your theory training and will also be reviewed with your instructor during your driving course at EP Training. Therefore, with the right guidance and practice, you should feel confident in your ability to handle these questions effectively.

EP Training has created a YouTube video covering all of these questions, so achieving a perfect score should be pretty much guaranteed. The tell me show me questions are useful as HGV drivers will be doing maintenance checks as part of their pre-use vehicle checks when they eventually start driving professionally. As usual, we hope this has given you a clearer insight into the Tell me Show me questions, and we wish you the best of luck when it comes to the crunch! 


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