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Mon, October 11, 2021

HGV training courses in Aldershot 【2023】

HGV training courses in Aldershot 【2023】

If you are in need of obtaining your HGV licence and are located in Aldershot then you simply have to train with Surrey and Hampshire based EP Training Services.

Whether you class Aldershot as in the county of Surrey or indeed Hampshire for HGV Training, you need look no further than the UK’s number 1 ranked LGV training provider.

There are other HGV training companies based in Aldershot however you won’t find a better way to get your HGV licence than with one of the best around.

Why Choose EP Training

EP has been providing lorry driver tuition for over 40 years and with the demand for HGV drivers there has never been a better time to get working as a truck driver.

But before you can earn decent money as a HGV operator in Aldershot you must first learn to pass the commercial goods driving test!

If Aldershot is your town, then there are plenty of job opportunities for lorry drivers and you will have no issues in obtaining driving work. Our company will provide training and testing in Guildford, including the Aldershot and Farnborough region as EP is local to these areas and they may be part of your HGV driving test route. Looking at the Rushmore region in more detail there are also numerous villages and small towns that would be within EP Trainings catchment area. These include Ash, Mychett, Frimley and even Camberley to name a few.

EP Training’s instructors know the Aldershot Town and surrounding areas like the back of their hand and will guide you though all the roads you may be tested on. Considering that Aldershot is within 20 minutes of Guildford (where your practical driving test would start and finish) you may well be driving those Aldershot roads in your truck!.

If you are based in the Hampshire area, and in particular Aldershot then EP will arrange your driving tests from Guildford Surrey. For your HGV theory tests, if you do reside in Aldershot, Farnborough, Farnham or any other local places chances are you will be traveling to Aldershot.

Although Aldershot does not have a practical HGV testing area all students will still be trained by EP in that location as Aldershot could easily be part of the driving test route. Therefore, suitable preparation is required.

Comprehensive HGV Training Services

There are other HGV training providers in Aldershot however EP Training’s reputation for training excellence means you don’t have to look anywhere else.

You will often see EP’s HGV training vehicles undergoing training in Aldershot. Whether it's their little 7.5 tonnes, class 2 or the big arctics!

The HGV driving test is without a doubt not an easy one to pass. That is why good instruction on a new, well maintained vehicle is vital in ensuring you get the right result.

EP Training also supplies other training services in the Aldershot area, including Driver CPC, Transport Manager CPC, HIAB and ForkLift Truck.

They also promise to match and beat any like for like written quote provided by any HGV training company based in Aldershot.

As local training company Surrey and Hampshire HGV training has decided not to continue to provide HGV training due to the sale of all of their HGV training vehicles there are no other real training providers in Aldershot that provide HGV Training to the standard you would expect. .

You may find a few one man bands based in Aldershot that provide LGV training however there are none that match the level of service and quality that a reputable HGV training company like EP provides.

From start to finish, including medical, theory tuition, theory tests, CPC and practical driver training and tests, EP will manage the entire process.

Contact EP Training for HGV Driver Training

For more information on HGV driver training in Aldershot simply call EP Training on 01372 450 800.