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Fri, October 29, 2021

HGV Training in Surrey

HGV Training in Surrey

Although the county of Surrey has many car driving test centres, Guildford is only one place you can take your lorry (HGV) or bus (Cat D) test (Module 3b). The HGV driving test, the driving forward part, what is known as Module 3b will entail you mastering the roads in Surrey for approximately 60 minutes whilst a DVSA examiners assesses you.

Surrey has an interesting mixture of road conditions due to its both built up town centres and also rural expanses. When it comes to driving truck to pass the driving test in Surrey, to the high standards required by the DVSA you have to be on your game and show great skill and competence. Nearly all towns in the Surrey area will have some have some restriction in place for HGV’s, whether is this be width, length or height.

Height Limits and Restrictions


HGV’s by their very design are large and are not suitable for all of Surrey’s roads. There are at least 3 height limits that lorry drivers must observe and be aware of when testing in an HGV in the Guildford, Surrey area.  

Knaphill and Jacobs well could be included in your LGV driver test in Surrey and both have 7.5 weight limit restrictions. This means you cannot enter these villages if you are driving a cat C or C+E type goods vehicle. Driving in these zones in anything less than a C1 will result if failure.


Speed Limits and Safe Driving


It is worth noting your HGV driving examiner will not instruct you to drive into a restriction if that restriction applies to the truck you are driving. Excluding single and dual carriageways (A3) Surrey roads are mainly limited to either 30 or 40 mph. Pirbright does have a 20 mph limit as it has a school situated on a tight bend.

Driving a truck in Surrey or any other area means where safe to do so you must make good progress. If the speed limit is 30 mph and it is safe to travel at 30 mph you must travel at 30 mph or near to it. Travelling at 20 mph in a 30 mph for no reason is a big no. Narrow roads, in for example in West Clandon, Surrey where you have to make progress (in an artic) and yet be prepared to stop safely should you meet another HGV or bus coming towards you takes a great deal of concentration and forward panning.


Duration and Distance of the Test


Surrey is a big county but you won’t be driving to all parts of this region on your driving test as there simply would not be enough time to cover it all. For example Croydon, Esher, Walton Shepperton and Sunbury to name a few are not covered under any of the more than dozen HGV test routes from Guildford. If your train with EP you will attempt to gain your HGV licence entitlement in Guildford, Surrey.

This will mean all your HGV driver training will be in a very local area in Surrey and more importantly areas with a GU postcode. This may include Woking, Guildford, Merrow, West Byfleet, Ripley, Godalming, Burpham, Jacobs Well, Old Woking, Sutton Green and Chobham.

As the duration of the driving assessment will be no less than 60 minutes be prepared to drive your HGV on the highways and byways of Surrey for maybe 15-25 miles. This will depend on how light or heavy the traffic conditions are and remember not to exceed the speed limit! It’s a very good idea to prepare adequately for your HGV driving test in Surrey by training suitably in the location you will take your Heavy Goods Vehicle practical test!


Employment Opportunities After Passing


Most people, after passing their HGV licence in Surrey want to find employment as a HGV driver in the Surrey area. With the acute shortage of HGV drivers the demand and need for lorry drivers is unprecedented. Remuneration has improved greatly and working conditions seem to be improving although Surrey does simply not have enough suitable truck service areas.

EP works with many hauliers in Surrey who are actively seeking newly qualified truck drivers. EP will introduce you to potential employers who will guarantee you an interview.


CPC Module 4 Testing and Training


It is also possible to take the HGV Driver CPC Module 4 test at various locations in Surrey as many companies are approved to provide testing facilities. CPC Mod 4 is needed for all “new” HGV drivers whether you only drive a truck in Surrey, The UK or within Europe. You can’t drive a truck over 3.5 tonnes professionally if you don’t possess the DQC (Driver CPC Qualification Card).  Since 2008 EP has been approved to provide the CPC Initial Practical demonstration test from its purpose built centre in Leatherhead, Surrey.


CPC Periodic Training


Driver CPC periodic training can also be completed in Surrey by EP or simply train online from home. EP delivers online training for CPC every other week of the year.


About EP Training Services


Surrey based EP Training Services is the number one choice for those seeking LGV and Driver CPC entitlement. Their knowledge of Surrey, the test routes and how to best master them cannot be beaten by any other LGV training provider.

Over 4 decades of providing the best HGV training in Surrey. EP Training has built up a reputation that in Surrey cannot be matched. Over 2,000 5 star Trustpilot reviews also makes them one of the leading commercial transport training companies in the United Kingdom.

Their modern and well maintained HGV training vehicles run from Addlestone in Surrey and Cranleigh in West Sussex provide first class training facilities. Their instructors all live local to Surrey and have many years’ experience of providing quality HGV training.

Contact EP Training Services today and get your HGV licence with Surreys Number 1!