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Tue, May 03, 2022

HGV Training Near Me

HGV Training Near Me
HGV Training Near Me

Whether you’re looking for Class 1 HGV training in Cobham or obtaining your Rigid licence in Rugby it’s essential you source a reputable HGV training company near to you.  With over 200 local lorry driving schools you are certain to find one that will be in close proximity to where you reside.  But beware as there are also brokers and substantial HGV training companies out there.

There are many reasons why you should find a good reputable HGV training near to you, as we shall explain in this blog.  We shall point out the disadvantages of going with any old HGV training company you find online.


Finding HGV training in Your Area


When sourcing a local HGV training company, over 97% of people will simply search online via a poplar search engine such as “Google” or “Bing”.

In today’s high-tech world why would you not use the internet to find an HGV training company in your area to help you attain your licence?  But you have to be careful, as we are sure you are aware, not everything you see online is true and indeed close to you.


Why Train with an HGV Training Company Near to Me?


It makes perfect sense to train locally for the practical element of obtaining HGV entitlement.  When we say practical we are of course referring to the on and off road driving part.

If you are out on the road, truck training all day, you certainly don’t want to spend more than 30-45 minutes traveling to your HGV training location.

Any more time spent travelling than that is counterproductive because you need all your attention and concentration on the day’s training activities rather than spending 2-3 hours a day just travelling.

Driver training is extremely draining mentally and we guarantee you will be exhausted at the end of your training days.  To return home in a timely manner to rest and prepare for the next day is much better than driving 100 miles home each morning and night.  It will also cost considerably more in terms of fuel costs if you have to travel further to your training centre.  So go local and save time and money

Timewise, how you train for your Lorry licence will probably be different to how you trained for your car licence.  Car tuition, Cat B, was more like an hour or two spent driving once or twice a week, whereas HGV driver training is normally provided over an intensive 4 consecutive days for Cat C, Rigid licence. The Articulated C+E is typically 5-8 days depending on previous experience.  It’s a good idea to perhaps have an assessment drive first with a local HGV training company near you to determine your ability and gauge how much tuition you will need to pass the tests.

Another consideration is local knowledge.  If you can train with a company in a local area you are familiar with, it will certainly assist when it comes to understanding the test routes and planning ahead.  Although it must be added that a good local HGV training company will ensure you are suitably prepared as far as route knowledge is concerned.

Medicals and theory tests can be conducted anywhere around the UK. 


Local Training Local Price


How much HGV driver training costs will also depend on where you live as prices will vary. 

For example, it will cost more to get your HGV licence in London than it will in say Lanarkshire. We advise before you sign up with any company or hand over any credit card details you do your research and visit at least 2 local HGV training companies in your area.  Any good company will welcome your visit.  Be wary of those so-called local providers that make excuses when it comes to visiting their centre.  This may mean they are a broker/middleman and have something to hide.


Tints and Hints when sourcing HGV Training near to you Online


When is local not in your area?

What you see online is far from what you see in reality.  That is never more the case when you look online for a local HGV training company.

Please note many so-called local HGV training companies that are displayed on page one of the major search engines are either middlemen or paid advertisers and NOT in your area and neither do they provide driver training. They are simply brokers acting like national HGV training companies that offer driver training in your region.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

These companies own no local HGV training companies, training vehicles or indeed instructors. They are simply an agent/broker who pretend to offer LGV  training close to you.  Firstly, there are no national HGV training companies.  There are approximately 200 local providers that make up the national coverage.  That’s why we encourage you to source a local, proper driver training company rather than waste your time and money using an agent.

It’s a sad situation when you search online for ‘HGV training near me’ that over 80% of the results display commercial tuition providers that are nowhere near your area.  It can be hit and miss as to whether you will find a good company just by looking on the internet.


How to go local and good!


If you do search online for local HGV training follow these steps and save time, money and a lot of hassle.

We always suggest you do your due diligence when sourcing local LGV training online as getting that licence is a big money and time investment.

If you have found an HGV training company via an online search, firstly make sure they are not a broker or middleman.  These bogus HGV training companies are ‘sales people’ and are skilled at selling and getting your money.   Once they have your hard-earned money it’s game over!  They will tell you they will guarantee you a driving job (no one can do that) and promise the world just to obtain your credit card details or sign you up for extortionate finance!

One thing is for sure, if you are training with an HGV broker, you will pay more money, it will take more time and it will be more hassle than going with a good local HGV training company in your area.

We also recommend you first look at who is showing in the local Google business listings as they are more likely to provide lorry driver training in your locality.

Google allows “local” LGV commercial training companies to advertise a free business listing to promote their services.  These listings will normally be displayed on page one of Google searches.

It is important you look into a company’s reputation and credibility.  The best way to do this is to thoroughly look at all reviews available.   Yes, it is true some companies write their own reviews so extra scrutiny will be required, especially with HGV training Brokers reviews!  

We hope that by reading this blog it will assist you when it comes to sourcing HGV training with a good company in your area.