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Mon, June 27, 2022

HGV Training - Woking

HGV Training - Woking
HGV Training - Woking
There are a number of local HGV training companies that advertise in the Woking area but there are few seldom as good as Surreys longest established EP Training Services!

EP have been providing top class driver tuition in the Woking vicinity since 1981. They boast a fleet of 20 modern and well maintained trucks offering 7.5, class 2 and class 1 tuition.

When you undergo HGV driver training with EP then you will be spend time practising your driver skills in Woking and its surrounding towns and villages. The reason being you will start your on road driving test from Guildford and some of the test routes cover Woking and its surrounding areas. Therefore it makes perfect sense to practice in the area you will be testing.

As EP store many of their training vehicles in Addlestone, Surrey you will find Woking is the main route required to reach Guildford.

Woking: Ideal Training Ground for HGV Drivers

Woking has in recent times undergone a huge transformation to its town centre and as a result the road layouts and signs have changed. Temporary road closures due to ongoing construction works as well as constant speed limit changes means forward planning and concentration is essential.

As your on road, driving tests starts from Slyfield Industrial Estate in Guildford. There is a 50/50 chance as to whether you will be testing in Woking.

The reason being Slyfield has only one exit and a left turn will take you towards Guildford whereas as right turn will steer you towards Woking.

Navigating Speed Limits

On the way to Woking you may go via Sutton Green, which currently is a 40 MPH limit with a few cheeky 20 mile an hour (advisory) tight bends. It’s a very rural area which can have some narrow road yet the traffic is light. Sutton Green is a popular place where your examiner may ask you to pull over at the side of the road. You will have to stop the vehicle where safe to do so up to 4 times during your 3b on road test.

You may also go via Mayford which has been lowered from 40 to 30 MPH so be sure not to exceed the speed limit. As, at the time of writing this Woking’s town centre is still under construction, roads and railway bridges are constantly being closed. Your DVSA examiner will no doubt be aware of any road closures and will prepare a test route in Woking that is viable and open.

Speed Sign Awareness

Old Woking possess the only stop sign in any 3b HGV driving test starting from Guildford in Surrey. At this stop junction we strongly recommend you apply the handbrake thus confirming the vehicle is stationary.

Adjacent to Woking is the small village of Jacobs Well which will take you to the A3. This area is restricted to HGV’s below 7.5 tonnes so if your training and testing on a class 2 or 1 you wont be travelling through Jacobs Well.

The main drag from Guildford to Woking has quite a variation of speed limits so you need to both concentrate and look ahead. If you miss those speed signs or repeaters you could easily fail your truck driving test by not making progress or breaking the speed limit.

This is the same for Goldsworth Park which is situated between Knaphill and Woking. This location is a common route for driving tests running from Guildford.

Speed limits will change between 30, 40 and 50 within a 1.5 stretch of single carriageway so blink and you could miss those signs.

On the outskirts of Woking is Brookwood and although you may drive towards this village you will certainly not drive through the main road (Connaught Road). The reason being is there is a height restriction in the form of a railway bridge at the end of the main thoroughfare . The HR is only 3.2 meters and with all EP Training vehicles being minimum of 3.9 meters the examiner will not take you there.

Send is located between Old Woking and Burnt Common. Going through Send is relatively simple as it’s pretty much one straight road all the way. The speed limit is 30 and if safe to do so it is strongly recommended you make progress and attain 30 MPH. Travelling through Send at 20 miles per hour when there is no reason 30 cannot be achieved is not acceptable and you will fail your driving test (3b) so crack on!

Contact EP Training

When you do come to gain your HGV licence with EP at least 20% of your time will be spent driving in and around Woking town centre. So whether you are familiar with Woking’s road layouts before you do your LGV training course or not you will be very knowledgeable come test time.

You will no doubt see other HGV training companies operating in the Woking, Surrey vicinity but you will not find a more reputable, professional and long established provider than EP.

Many of EP Training’s instructors also reside in Woking so local knowledge is assured in fact guaranteed. So if you live in the Woking area and are considering a career as a professional truck you will find EP has all the local knowledge and expert instruction you need.

Just give their friendly team on 01372 450 800 a call and get your career on the road!