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Mon, September 18, 2023

HIAB Training Costs and Benefits: Is It Worth the Investment?

HIAB Training Costs and Benefits: Is It Worth the Investment?

Let's begin by introducing the topic of HIAB (Hydraulic Lorry Loader) training and its significance in the transportation and logistics industry. Throughout the history of lorries, a persistent challenge has been unloading goods upon arrival at their destination. In order to improve the efficiency and productivity of transportation and loading/unloading operations, mobile cranes, commonly known as HIABs, have been incorporated into certain Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). To obtain a "HIAB" certification, operators must demonstrate their competence and commitment to safety in all aspects of correct HIAB usage. This certification entails completing specific courses and passing related examinations. Consequently, individuals pursuing this qualification should carefully consider the associated HIAB training cost.


Understanding HIAB Training Costs


HIAB training costs can vary significantly based on several factors, including the type of Lorry Loader license you're pursuing, the training provider, your location in the country, and the duration of the training. Generally, there are two main types of courses you may need to attend, and these can substantially impact the overall price of your HIAB training.

For a 1-day refresher course with training on a single attachment, you can expect to pay approximately £350 to £525, which should cover all associated costs.

If you opt for a 2-day Initial course, the cost typically falls in the range of £500 to £800. It's important to note that this price should encompass various expenses such as tuition fees, VAT, registration fees, and the allocation of Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) hours.

Regarding a comprehensive breakdown of HIAB training costs, the figures mentioned above are inclusive of all expected expenditures. This includes registration fees imposed by awarding bodies and the Driver CPC registration fee, which should not exceed £8.75 per driver.


Factors Influencing HIAB Training Costs


In general, most HIAB operators primarily use a single attachment with their HIAB. However, it's important to note that there may be additional charges if you require multiple attachments. HIABs offer a variety of attachments, such as hooks, brick grabs, clamshells, buckets, and more. The need for multiple attachments can increase the training and testing duration, which can, in turn, affect the overall training rates.

It's worth mentioning that the rates for HIAB training services can vary significantly among different training companies. Several factors influence these variations, including the training company's location, the option for weekend tuition, and your prior experience in operating HIAB equipment.


Exploring Different HIAB Courses and Their Prices


Explore the range of HIAB courses available, which encompass basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

The most highly regarded accreditation for HIAB training in the UK is provided by the Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers (ALLMI). This recognition stems from the fact that ALLMI's HIAB qualification is widely acknowledged within the construction industry.

EP Training Services has held the status of an ALLMI-approved HIAB training center since 2003. They operate their dedicated HIAB training facility in Surrey, but for your convenience, they also offer on-site training at your location.


Price ranges for each type of course and what they entail


Under the ALLMI guidelines, there are two primary types of HIAB courses:

1-day Refresher course

The 1-day Refresher course caters to HIAB operators who possess a minimum of 15 hours of hands-on experience within the past 12 months.

The 2-day Initial course

The 2-day Initial course is designed for newcomers to HIAB operation who lack the requisite experience (less than 15 hours in the last year). This beginner course places a greater emphasis on theoretical and practical content compared to the 2-day version intended for experienced operators.

Both courses consist of a balanced mix of classroom instruction and hands-on practical training in HIAB operation.


What EP training has to offer


 EP Training offers ALLMI Initial and Periodic training to individuals as well as businesses. They have their own training equipment, including a HIAB with a capacity exceeding 20 tonnes, equipped with a remote control and hook attachment, which is one of the most commonly used attachments for HIABs.

Furthermore, EP Training is accredited for Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence), meaning that attending a HIAB course with them will contribute towards your Driver CPC qualification hours.

Their team of highly experienced and professional ALLMI HIAB trainers is dedicated to ensuring that you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for safe and effective HIAB operation.


HIAB License Fees

HIAB qualifications come with a validity period, requiring re-training and testing every 5 years. Consequently, it's essential to factor in the cost of renewing the HIAB license itself, apart from expenses like tuition, VAT, and Driver CPC.

For ALLMI licenses, there is a £32.50 registration fee payable to the training company. After you've made this payment to your training provider, they will subsequently transmit the fee directly to the awarding body. This arrangement means that you only need to cover the ALLMI certification fee once every 60 months (to the awarding body).


Benefits of HIAB Certification


Possessing a HIAB license should entitle the holder to higher compensation compared to those who do not utilize HIABs in their work. HIAB operators, when properly trained, exhibit a high level of professionalism and skill. Numerous transport companies exclusively rely on HIABs as an integral part of their operations, offering substantial employment opportunities. In summary, having a HIAB license not only enhances earning potential but also opens up a broader range of job prospects.

The expertise and knowledge required to fulfill a driver's responsibilities while operating a HIAB are not to be underestimated. In the hands of unqualified individuals, HIAB operation can pose significant dangers. It's far more intricate than merely manipulating a few levers. There exists a plethora of essential competencies that must be acquired to perform the role safely and proficiently. For instance, understanding how to inspect the HIAB for optimal functionality before usage, mastering the use of appropriate restraining devices and securing loads correctly, and knowing the proper procedures for preparing and parking the truck for HIAB operations are all part of this multifaceted skill set.


Is HIAB  Training Worth It?


Obtaining a HIAB (Lorry Loader) license is undeniably a valuable investment if you aspire to pursue specialized HGV driving roles. Currently, there are approximately 40,000 to 60,000 HIABs in operation on UK roads, indicating a wealth of employment opportunities within this niche. Possessing a HIAB license enhances your marketability to potential employers, and HIAB drivers typically enjoy higher salaries compared to the average for truck drivers, making it a financially rewarding choice.


HIAB Training Prices vs. Job Opportunities


Much like any other investment in life, acquiring a HIAB license should be viewed as a means to secure a favorable return. Considering that the average cost of obtaining an ALLMI HIAB certification falls in the range of £300 to £900, the return on investment is significant. Once you attain this qualification and actively use it, you can anticipate earning an additional £3,000 to £4,000 annually. Therefore, if you plan to utilize your HIAB license in a vocational capacity, the return on investment is not only substantial but also rapidly realized.


FAQs About HIAB Training Costs and Value


What is the cost of obtaining a HIAB license?


On average, acquiring an ALLMI HIAB certification typically ranges from £300 to £900.


Are there any financial assistance programs available for HIAB training?


Presently, the government Bootcamp scheme does not offer funding for HIAB training, meaning free training options are not available. However, many full-time employers cover the cost of HIAB training and licensing for their employees.


Can I find affordable HIAB courses near my location?


Across the UK, there are approximately 125 to 250 training companies that offer HIAB training, making it accessible without extensive travel. Keep in mind that both prices and the quality of training can vary, so thorough research is advised before making any financial commitments.


What are the long-term career benefits of HIAB certification?


Most, if not all, HIAB licenses have a 5-year validity period, necessitating requalification every 60 months. Beyond renewal, the specialized skills and knowledge acquired as a HIAB driver remain highly sought after by certain employers, ensuring a continued demand for your expertise.




In summary, when considering the costs of HIAB training versus the potential earnings, including understanding the HIAB training cost, it's a clear and compelling choice. The skills and knowledge you acquire as a HIAB driver are both demanding and gratifying, and this understanding of HIAB training costs is crucial before embarking on this career-enhancing journey. If you're planning a career in truck driving, it's wise to make it as engaging and financially rewarding as possible. Possessing a HIAB license should entitle the holder to higher compensation compared to those who do not utilize HIABs in their work, and HIAB drivers typically enjoy higher salaries compared to the average for truck drivers, making it a financially rewarding choice. Having a HIAB license could be the key to elevating your HGV driving career to new heights. EP Training is well-connected with numerous transport companies in the Surrey region actively seeking HGV drivers with HIAB licenses, making the path to securing such a job more accessible than you might imagine.


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