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Sun, February 25, 2024

Guide to Applying for a Lost HGV Driver’s Tacho Card Introduction

Guide to Applying for a Lost HGV Driver’s Tacho Card Introduction

Since May 2006, all goods and passenger vehicles manufactured in the UK, falling under the requirement for a tachograph, are mandated to be equipped with a digital tachograph straight from the production line. Before this date, tacho were fitted with analogue recording devices utilizing a wax recording system. With the implementation of digital tacho, drivers are now required to possess a digital tachograph card, also known as a digi card or driver card. Issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), this card is a legal necessity for drivers operating vehicles equipped with digital tachographs. It's noteworthy that the majority, over 90%, of drivers who utilize a driver card are those operating goods or passenger vehicles.

This blog post endeavors to offer a comprehensive guide on the process of replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged driver card, covering associated costs and procedures. Additionally, we will delve into the legal ramifications of driving an HGV without a valid driver card.


Reporting a Lost Tachograph Card



Immediate actions to take upon discovering a lost tachograph card


Compliance with the legal requirement of carrying and actively using a driver card while on duty is paramount for professional drivers. Therefore, losing or misplacing this essential document can pose serious implications. 


Checking Tacho Card Status Online



Utilizing online platforms to check the status of a tachograph card


The driver card, also known as the digicard, plays a crucial role in conjunction with digital tachographs installed in various vehicles such as lorries, buses, coaches, minibuses, cars, and trailers. Indeed, the prevalence of digital tachographs may surprise many, given their widespread usage across different vehicle types.

 These tachograph machines meticulously record various activities undertaken by drivers, including driving time, rest breaks, other duties, and speed. In essence, the intricacies of drivers' hours regulations can be more perplexing than those governing airline pilots' hours!

It's essential to note that if a driver lacks a valid driver card or has lost it, specific protocols must be followed before they are permitted to resume driving.

Replacing a Lost HGV Driver's Tacho Card



Steps to follow when requesting a replacement tachograph card


If you misplace your HGV driver's tacho card, your initial course of action should be reporting the loss promptly to both the DVLA and your employer. Fortunately, this process can be efficiently managed online through the Gov website, eliminating the need for paper forms or postage. Online reporting ensures swift action, crucial as you're unable to drive until a replacement card is obtained.


Timelines for Tachograph Card Replacement



Understanding the timeframe for replacing a lost or expired tachograph card


When applying online, you can typically expect your new driver card to arrive within five days of the application. It's vital to ensure your address details are up to date with the DVLA to receive the replacement card at the correct location.

Remember that the address on file with the DVLA will dictate where your new card is sent. Informing your employer promptly is essential, as the loss of your driver card and the subsequent waiting period for a replacement could impact your driving responsibilities significantly.

It's crucial to acknowledge the serious ramifications and penalties for both drivers and operators if commercial vehicles are utilized without a valid driver card, whether it's been lost or stolen.
The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is the governmental body responsible for enforcing the Operator Licence Scheme, which includes overseeing compliance with Drivers' Hours Regulations.


Risks associated with driving without a valid tachograph card


 If a vehicle is operated without a valid driver card, whether due to loss or awaiting replacement, fines and legal consequences can ensue. Therefore, prompt replacement of a lost driver card is crucial. The fee for replacing a lost driver card is £19.00, payable to the DVLA. While the DVLA issues the driver card, it is the DVSA that enforces drivers' hours regulations.




The HGV driver's tacho card is not just a legal requirement but also an indispensable document for professional drivers operating heavy goods vehicles.In the event of losing your driver card, it's crucial to follow the proper procedures for obtaining a replacement. By promptly reporting the loss online, you can expedite the process of receiving a new card through the mail. Taking swift action ensures minimal disruption to your driving responsibilities.


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