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5 CPC Modules: A Comprehensive Guide to CPC Training

5 CPC Modules: A Comprehensive Guide to CPC Training

Driver CPC, or Certificate of Professional Competence, is an ongoing training and development requirement for professional truck drivers throughout their careers. The UK adopted the Driver CPC periodic training on 10th September 2009, and despite being an EU directive, the UK government has chosen to maintain this legislation.

For individuals holding a vocational HGV license, Driver CPC mandates 35 hours of training every 5 years. This translates to 5 days of training within a 60-month period. It is compulsory to complete 5 modules, each consisting of 7 hours, every 5 years to continue driving commercially in a goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes.


Understanding CPC Training


Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) was introduced to address three main objectives:

1. Improve Road Safety: One of the primary goals of Driver CPC is to enhance road safety. By providing drivers with regular and updated training, it aims to ensure that drivers are well-versed in the latest safety regulations and best practices.

2. Confirm and Expand Existing Knowledge: Driver CPC seeks to confirm and expand on the existing knowledge of HGV drivers. This ongoing training is designed to deepen their understanding of critical aspects related to driving, regulations, and safety.

3. Ensure New Entrants Have Necessary Knowledge and Skills: For new entrants to the industry, Driver CPC ensures that they acquire the knowledge and skills essential for carrying out their roles professionally and competently. It sets a standard for the competence of new drivers entering the commercial transport sector.

These fundamental objectives are intended to elevate the skill level of the average HGV driver. Before the introduction of Driver CPC, drivers were only required to complete training when obtaining their HGV driving license. Driver CPC reflects the modern approach of providing ongoing training throughout a driver's career, aligning with practices in many other industries.


CPC Modules List


Driver CPC training offers flexibility in terms of course selection, with two key conditions to consider:

1. Approval for Driver CPC Hours: The chosen training course must be approved for Driver CPC hours. A total of 7 hours must be completed within a 24-hour period (typically divided into two sessions of 3.5 hours each).

2. Avoidance of Repetition: Drivers are not allowed to repeat the same 7-hour course within a 5-year period. This ensures a diverse range of training topics over the training cycle.

While drivers have the flexibility to choose their training courses, it is recommended that at least some of the 35 hours include courses covering "Drivers’ Legal Obligations." The transportation industry is heavily regulated, and laws can change. Drivers need to stay informed about these changes, especially in areas such as drivers’ hours, defects, securing loads, and load weight limits. Courses addressing legal obligations empower drivers with the knowledge necessary to stay compliant and operate within the law. Regardless of the specific courses chosen, it is advisable to opt for training that enhances and builds upon existing knowledge and skills.


Cheapest Online CPC Training


Due to the impact of Covid, the DVSA permitted training companies to offer periodic training online. Consequently, prices have seen substantial reductions, and by exploring various online options, you can find cost-effective Driver CPC training. If your primary goal is to complete CPC training most economically and conveniently, simply search, book, and fulfill all requirements online. So , there is no cheap online cpc training


What CPC Modules Do I Need?


As previously mentioned, there are no mandatory courses required to obtain your Driver CPC card. You have the flexibility to choose courses as long as you adhere to the specified conditions. Additionally, gaining other qualifications during your Driver CPC training is possible. For instance, attending courses for ADR, HIAB, or Transport Manager CPC may contribute towards your Driver CPC hours. Completing your training while obtaining another qualification is an efficient approach. EP Training offers ADR and HIAB courses that also count towards your Driver CPC hours, providing a dual benefit.


Understanding CPC Modules 2 and 4





New entrants to the industry who aspire to drive professionally and do not qualify for Periodic 35 hours CPC training must instead complete Initial Driver CPC. This involves Modules 2 and 4, comprising a theory test (Module 2) and a practical demonstration test (Module 4). It is crucial for individuals to be aware of Initial CPC and determine if it applies to them. If someone needs to complete Initial CPC and unintentionally undergoes the 35 hours periodic CPC training, they will not receive a Driver CPC card because they completed the incorrect training. Passing both Modules 2 and 4 of Initial CPC results in the issuance of a Driver CPC card, valid for 5 years, with subsequent requirements of 35 hours periodic training every 5 years. 


How Much is a Full CPC Course?


When considering Driver CPC training, costs become a significant factor for many individuals. In the current economic climate with increased living expenses, saving money wherever possible is a common practice. The cost of this training can vary significantly based on factors such as the method of training (online or in the classroom), the type of course chosen, and the training provider. Online courses typically range between £150 and £450, while classroom-based instruction may be slightly more expensive. While price is a key consideration, prioritizing the quality of tuition is crucial. Some approved Driver CPC training companies may fall below the expected standard, emphasizing the importance of choosing a reputable provider with a track record of delivering expert instruction.

Traditionally, it has been considered best practice to complete one day (7 hours) of training annually, allowing drivers to spread the time and cost of Driver CPC. However, in reality, many drivers and employers may not prioritize Driver CPC, leading to instances where they either forget or procrastinate until the expiration date.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Can you fail CPC Module 2?


Yes, Driver CPC Module 2 is a theory test, and like any test, it can be failed. The pass mark required for this module is at least 40 out of 50 questions answered correctly. However, it's important to note that the Driver CPC Module Case Study is generally considered an easy exam, and students should not be overly concerned about achieving a positive outcome.


Is CPC hard to pass?


Driver CPC Periodic (35 hours) cannot be failed, as it's an attendance-only course with no examinations involved. However, if you need to complete the Initial Driver CPC (Modules 2 and 4), you will have to pass both a theory and practical test. These tests are generally straightforward, and most students will pass with minimal or no pre-studying, as the exams are designed to be easily manageable.


Do I need Module 2 and 4 for CPC?


If you do not qualify for the 35 hours Periodic CPC, then Modules 2 and 4, which constitute the Initial CPC, must be completed. It is crucial to determine the type of Driver CPC you need before booking any courses or tests.




Driver CPC is a permanent requirement, and assumptions about its abolishment post-Brexit have proven incorrect. As an initiative closely tied to road safety, it is unlikely to be eliminated. The government is committed to promoting road safety, and Driver CPC aligns with this objective.While some drivers resist Driver CPC due to concerns about the quality and content of the training, it's essential to recognize that not all providers offer substandard tuition. Reputable providers like EP Training are known for delivering high-quality Driver CPC training. Investing in a quality training program is crucial, considering that Driver CPC is a mandatory requirement. There are numerous excellent providers offering high-quality online Driver CPC, providing a convenient and effective way for drivers to fulfill their training obligations.


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