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Grandfather Rights for driving license: CPC, C1, HGV [2024 Update]

Grandfather Rights for driving license: CPC, C1, HGV [2024 Update]

Driver CPC was introduced for HGVs on September 10, 2009. For individuals who passed their car driving test before January 1, 1997 and have grandfather rights, if they wish to drive a C1 (7.5-tonne) vehicle professionally, they will need to obtain a Driver CPC.


Understanding Grandfather Rights



Grandfather rights are not something you can apply for; they were automatically acquired by individuals who passed their car test before a certain date. If you passed your car test before January 1, 1997, you would have gained not only your Category B (car) license but also a range of other entitlements, including BE, D1, D1E, C1, and C1E.


License Entitlements:


C1 refers to goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes but no more than 7.5 tonnes (Maximum Authorised Mass or MAM). C1E is a 7.5-tonne goods vehicle with trailer entitlement. It's worth noting that acquiring C1E via grandfather rights may have a restriction code 107, limiting the vehicle and trailer to a maximum gross train weight not exceeding 8,250 kilograms.


Reasons for Changes:


The reason for the changes in license entitlements after January 1, 1997, was partly related to road safety and the harmonization of standards with other former EU member states. If you passed your car test after this date, the only additional entitlement you would receive automatically is BE (car and trailer).

As Driver CPC applies to drivers of goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, those with grandfather rights who wish to drive a 7.5-tonner will currently need to obtain a Driver CPC card (DQC) before getting behind the wheel of their truck.


Explain how grandfather rights might exempt certain individuals from CPC

If you want to drive C1 vehicles and be paid for driving, there are a few exemptions to needing Driver CPC. You can explore these exemptions in more detail on the .Gov website. However, in most instances, if driving is your main occupation, you are likely to require Driver CPC.


For those with grandfather rights who have never obtained a Driver CPC (DQC) or completed any Driver periodic training, there are two options for obtaining their Driver CPC and card.


Module 2 and Module 3 Tests:


1. Initial Driver CPC: This consists of a theory and practical test, often referred to as Module 2 and Module 3.

   - Module 2 is a theory test that must be taken at a DVSA theory test center.

   - Module 3 is a practical test that can be booked with your local HGV training company. EP is an approved DVSA Module 4 exam center, meaning you can both train and take the test in one day.

2. Periodic Driver CPC: This route involves completing 35 hours of formal training. There are no tests required when completing Periodic Driver CPC training; you only need to attend the training sessions. After completing all 35 hours, your Driver CPC card will be sent to you automatically.


Response to Proposed Changes:


A recent government "call for evidence" sought opinions and views on granting those who pass their car test today the same "grandfather" rights as those who passed their car test before January 1, 1997. This would have meant that after passing your Category B (car) test, you would be given entitlements for driving a car with a trailer, a 7.5-tonner, a 7.5-tonner with a trailer, a minibus, and a minibus with a trailer. However, the response to these proposed changes was largely negative from various industry and safety bodies. As a result, the call for evidence did not proceed to a full consultation.



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