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Wed, October 11, 2023

CPC Training Courses for Drivers

CPC Training Courses for Drivers

Driver CPC is an EU directive that was incorporated into UK law on September 9, 2009. Since that date, if your intention is to operate a commercial goods vehicle weighing over 3.5 tones, you most likely need to obtain the Driver CPC qualification. Even though the UK has exited the EU, this legislation still stands as a legal requirement. In this post, we delve into the various types of Driver CPC, who is obligated to complete it, the associated costs, and the duration of the qualification process.


Understanding CPC Training


CPC Training stands for Certification of Professional Competence. Driver CPC serves several key objectives, including enhancing road safety, reinforcing existing knowledge, and, for newcomers to the industry, acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge for commercial truck driving.

Experienced drivers are required to undergo 35 hours of formal training every 5 years. It is crucial for them, or their employers, to select courses specifically designed to enhance and advance their expertise and abilities in the field. This ensures that their training remains relevant and valuable for maintaining their professional competence.


CPC modules list


For Periodic Driver CPC training, the syllabus and available courses are extensive, encompassing various aspects of the "commercial transport sector." This diversity ensures that individuals can likely find a course that aligns with their specific needs. EP Training Services, having been approved to provide Driver CPC training since its inception, has consistently offered a broad selection of 7-hour CPC courses. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including ADR, Drivers Hours, Vehicle Walk Round Checks, First Aid, HIAB, Operator CPC training, and more. This diversity allows drivers to choose courses that are relevant and beneficial to their professional development and compliance with CPC requirements.


CPC Courses



Driver CPC has faced significant criticism, particularly from HGV drivers who attend the training. Many in the industry remain unconvinced that Driver CPC is the most effective way to ensure compliance and safety in the haulage sector. Nevertheless, it's crucial to recognize that Driver CPC is a mandatory requirement that isn't going away. Therefore, it's advisable to maximize the benefits of this qualification.

To make the most of Driver CPC, it's essential to choose a reputable training company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality training. In the UK, there are approximately 2,000 approved companies that offer Driver CPC courses, and the quality of training can vary significantly. Therefore, selecting a training provider with a strong reputation and a history of excellence is key to ensuring you receive valuable and relevant training that enhances your skills and knowledge in the industry.


Online CPC training options


Since the onset of the pandemic, the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has permitted HGV drivers to undertake their Driver CPC training online. Prior to this change, the training was exclusively conducted in classrooms. The introduction of online courses has marked a significant shift in the way training is delivered, offering greater convenience and cost-effectiveness. EP Training has been offering online Driver CPC training for most of the year.

Their online Driver CPC program spans five consecutive days from Monday to Friday, with each day featuring different courses. Many drivers opt to complete all 35 hours of training in one continuous block, ensuring they won't need to renew for another five years. While the government encourages drivers to complete 7 hours of training each year to spread the time and cost over five years, only a small percentage choose this option. Online Driver CPC training tends to be more cost-effective than classroom-based training, as it incurs fewer overhead expenses. In fact, EP's online Driver CPC training is more affordable today than it was back in 2009.


 Benefits of online CPC training


The primary advantages of completing your Driver CPC training online include cost savings compared to attending a physical classroom, as well as the elimination of the need to commute to and from a training center. By opting for online training, you not only save money but also contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing harmful emissions associated with driving to a physical location.


Finding the best CPC online course


With 2,000 training centers spread across the UK, each offering a diverse range of training courses, choosing the right one can be a challenge. It's advisable to prioritize courses that are directly related to your current job or that can enhance your prospects for new employment. Opting for courses that are not relevant to your work may not align with the objectives of Driver CPC and may not provide you with the intended benefits of the qualification.  


CPC Module 4


Driver CPC comprises two distinct types, catering to both experienced drivers and newcomers. For seasoned drivers, it involves 35 hours of periodic tuition every 5 years. New entrants, however, embark on the initial Driver CPC qualification, consisting of Modules 2 (a theory test) and 4 (a practical test). Module 2 takes place at a theory test center, while Module 4 is a practical test facilitated by your training company.

Driver CPC Module 4 is a practical test that does not involve actual driving. Instead, it focuses on the activities that a truck driver performs while working but not driving. This includes tasks like conducting walk-around checks, ensuring the vehicle is not overloaded, and handling emergency situations. With appropriate training, this test is relatively straightforward. EP Training's latest YouTube video covers all the questions and answers in the test, making it a valuable resource for preparation.



How to book CPC Module 4


While it is possible to book your own practical Driver CPC Module 4 test, we highly recommend having your training provider handle the booking for you. The main reason is that you will need formal training and access to a suitable vehicle for the test. EP Training is an approved Module 4 examination center, which means you can both train and take the test at our location. What's more, we are proud to have a 100% pass rate, ensuring your success in this important qualification.


FAQs About CPC Training: Courses



How long is a CPC course?


A Driver CPC (periodic) course is mandatory and lasts for 7 hours, with a total of 35 hours required every 5 years.

The Initial Driver CPC Module 4 is a practical test and typically takes no more than 1 day.


Can I do a Driver CPC course online?


Yes, periodic Driver CPC training can be completed online. Most approved training companies offer online tuition.


Is CPC hard to pass?


The periodic Driver CPC does not have an examination, so you cannot fail the course. You only need to complete the training.

The Initial Module 4 CPC includes an examination, but it is generally straightforward, and most people pass it on their first attempt.


Controversy around Driver CPC being scrapped


There is significant skepticism about Driver CPC, with negative feedback from many truck drivers. The issue often revolves around the quality of training provided.

The responsibility for this issue lies with the DVSA, as they have approved many training providers for Driver CPC without maintaining consistent quality.


How Much Does Driver CPC Training Cost?


The cost of Driver CPC training can vary depending on factors like online or in-classroom training, the type of course, and the pricing of individual training companies.

A rough guide for 35 hours of training is typically between £300 and £600.




Since every professional HGV driver is legally required to have Driver CPC, there's no way to avoid this qualification. Therefore, we recommend making the most of it by carefully selecting your training provider and courses. Driver CPC training should be viewed as an investment and an opportunity rather than a punishment. Many reputable companies offer training that adds significant value to your skills. With the availability of online Driver CPC, it has become more cost-effective than ever to complete your training online. We hope this post provides valuable insights as you seek Driver CPC training.


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