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Sat, December 30, 2023

7.5 tonne licence change 2023

7.5 tonne licence change 2023

Considerable speculation has surrounded the proposed license alterations related to the 7.5-tonne entitlement set for 2024. Back in 2021, the UK government initiated a "Call for Evidence" seeking input on the potential removal of the requirement for a driving test to operate a 7.5-tonne vehicle.

It's important to clarify that despite widespread assumptions, this initiative did not aim to abolish the driving test for a C1 license. It was, in fact, a call for evidence and not a consultation on the actual changes. Subsequently, a formal consultation might have been pursued following the collection and publication of evidence.

However, due to significant resistance from the transportation industry and safety advocacy groups expressing concerns about road safety risks, no further steps were taken to implement the proposed changes. This proposed change was initially intended as a means to alleviate the severe shortage of available HGV driving tests.


Current Process for Obtaining a C1 License

As it stands, the process for obtaining a C1 license remains unchanged. Applicants are still required to undergo a medical examination, apply for provisional entitlement, successfully complete the multiple-choice and hazard perception theory tests, and pass the driving test.

Looking ahead, there is no indication that the government plans to relax the regulations regarding the application for a 7.5-tonne license in the foreseeable future.




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