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Wed, September 13, 2023

ADR Training Costs and Benefits: Your Guide to Hazardous Goods Certification

ADR Training Costs and Benefits: Your Guide to Hazardous Goods Certification


Understanding ADR Training Costs


ADR Training costs can vary depending on training companies and geographical locations within the UK. Typically, a 5-day ADR Packaged Goods and Tanker course will range from £600 to £900. This cost should cover tuition, VAT, test fees, and Driver CPC registration.

When budgeting for ADR training, it's essential to consider not only tuition fees and VAT but also account for test fees and Driver CPC registration expenses. Additionally, if you need to retake any failed exams, there's a £20 fee per exam.

Another critical factor to determine is the type of ADR license you require for your specific job. Some drivers may need a basic ADR, while others may opt for the comprehensive version based on their job requirements.


Factors Influencing ADR Training Costs


To obtain an ADR license, you must pass certain essential modules, which include the Core module, either the packages or tanker modules, and at least one class from the 9 UN-listed hazardous classes. Opting for this basic course tends to be more cost-effective compared to a 5-day course because it involves fewer training sessions and exams.


Exploring Different ADR Courses and Prices


There's a wide array of ADR license combinations, and the total cost of your ADR course depends on the training you select. Most HGV drivers typically choose from two main course types.

The 3.5-day Packaged Goods course is ideal for drivers who won't be transporting Dangerous Goods (DG) in tanks. It covers the Core and packages modules, encompassing all DG classes except for 1 & 7 (Explosives and Radioactives, respectively). This course usually falls within the £600-£800 price range.

On the other hand, the 5-day "Combined Course" is another popular option. It includes everything covered in the Packaged Goods course and adds the Tanker element. This comprehensive course typically costs around £700-£900.

Other popular course are below.

LPG1 Course cost: Designed for those transporting gas bottles weighing over 333KG, this course includes the Core, Packages, and class 2 (gases) ADR. The cost typically falls within the range of £650 - £750.

T1 Course cost: Tailored for drivers handling flammable liquids in tankers, including Petrol Tanker Delivery drivers. This comprehensive course covers the Core, Tank, and class 3 (flammable liquids) ADR. The cost is approximately £650 - £750.

Toxic ADR cost: Ideal for drivers transporting toxic and infectious substances, this course encompasses the Core, Packages, and class 6 (toxic and infectious substances) ADR. The expected cost is around £650 - £750.


ADR License Fees

Once you've covered the expenses for your ADR training, there's no separate fee for obtaining your ADR license. The costs associated with the license are integrated into your examination fees, which are paid to the Scottish Qualification Authority by your training provider.

As previously mentioned, fees can vary significantly among different training providers, and some may charge more than others. It's important to exercise caution when dealing with intermediaries and brokers who falsely represent themselves as ADR training providers and charge inflated prices.

Another cost to consider within ADR training is the Driver CPC registration. Certain ADR training providers, like EP Training Services, have their ADR courses approved for Driver CPC. Attending a 5-day combined ADR course with EP will earn you 35 hours of Driver CPC training.


Benefits of ADR Certification


Possessing an ADR license offers significant advantages. It opens doors to more specialized job opportunities, potentially leading to higher hourly rates. Overall, your investment in ADR training is likely to yield a worthwhile return. ADR-qualified drivers are in high demand, as this certification is not held by every driver.

 Additionally, the ADR course includes valuable training in health and safety aspects such as fire precautions, basic first aid, and emergency procedures. These elements enhance your knowledge and skillset, making you a more well-rounded and competent professional.

Duration of ADR Training


 Typically, ADR training lasts either 3.5 days for packaged goods or 5 days for packages and tankers, depending on the specific course you're enrolled in. Most ADR training providers maintain an 8 am to 4 pm schedule each day. The fourth day of the course is primarily dedicated to examination sessions.


Exploring the Possibility of Free ADR Training


 Finding free ADR training can be a challenging endeavor. The Government's Bootcamp campaign offers free ADR training for eligible drivers, but securing the funding can be a cumbersome process due to limited resources.  For employed individuals requiring ADR certification, it's worth noting that the majority, if not all, employers are typically willing to cover the costs of ADR training.


Earnings Potential for ADR Drivers in the UK


 HGV Drivers possessing ADR certification can anticipate higher salaries, given the potentially hazardous nature of their responsibilities and their advanced qualifications. For Class 2 ADR drivers, a typical salary range would be between £37,000 and £43,000. Class 1 (CE) drivers, holding a larger class of HGV license entitlement, should command slightly higher compensation. In this case, ADR Class 1 drivers can expect salaries in the range of £40,000 to £52,000. Whether it's Class 2 or Class 1 driver positions requiring ADR, this qualification tends to result in improved earnings.


Is an ADR Licence Worth It?


Obtaining an ADR license is a valuable investment as it can enrich your career, increase your earnings, and expand your job prospects. However, a fundamental principle to remember is this: the true value of an ADR license emerges when it's put to use. Attending an ADR course makes sense only when you have a job opportunity that directly involves ADR responsibilities.


Online ADR Training Costs


Following the onset of Covid in the UK, the SQA (exam body) permitted training providers to offer ADR training online instead of traditional classroom sessions. EP Training briefly offered ADR instruction online but has since transitioned back to in-person classroom training. This decision is rooted in the importance of creating an optimal learning environment for students to maximize their chances of passing the requisite exams. While online training has its merits, it's widely acknowledged that classroom training consistently yields superior results.


ADR Refresher Course Cost


You can renew your ADR license during the last 12 months of its validity, provided you have at least 6 weeks remaining before it expires. Opting for an ADR refresher course in this scenario can be more cost-effective, as these courses are shorter than the initial ones. Typically, an ADR renewal course should cost around £450 - £600.

It's important to note that the majority, if not all, drivers do NOT choose a refresher ADR course. Instead, they opt to complete the 3.5 or 5-day initial course once again. This preference is primarily due to the Driver CPC requirement. Attending an ADR refresher course provides 7 hours towards Driver CPC, whereas retaking the initial course can offer up to 35 hours of Driver CPC. Consequently, it often makes more sense to take the initial ADR course every 5 years, effectively covering the Driver CPC requirement.


How much does EP Training Charge for ADR Training?


EP Training has established itself as a prominent ADR training provider in the UK, with a legacy dating back to the 1980s. They conduct ADR courses consistently throughout the year, offering excellent value compared to local competitors. EP Training stands out by being the sole ADR training company in Surrey to display all their ADR course prices openly, reflecting their commitment to transparency without any concealed charges. Additionally, EP Training extends a valuable offer to students, providing a complimentary ADR resit in the event of a first-time failure.




In summary, if you're an HGV driver seeking higher pay, diverse job opportunities, and specialization, obtaining an ADR certification could be the solution. It unquestionably opens doors to positions you may not have been qualified for previously. For those considering ADR, we strongly recommend opting for the 5-day combined course, which grants a full ADR certificate valid for 5 years, enabling you to apply for various roles involving the transportation of Dangerous Goods by road. EP Training offers the advantage of conducting ADR courses every other week throughout the year at their dedicated training facility in Surrey. This ensures minimal waiting times for course availability. We trust this overview has provided you with a clearer understanding of the costs associated with ADR training.


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