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Thu, February 16, 2023

EP Training Celebrates YouTube success

EP Training Celebrates YouTube success

For over 10 years EP Training has been producing videos on YouTube and to date they have proved to be both popular and useful.

There are many aspects of HGV licence acquisition, including arranging a medical, applying for provisional HGV cat C entitlement and passing numerous theory and practical tests.

All this plus Driver CPC can make the whole process daunting and confusing. As well as writing various blogs on how you go about obtaining your HGV licence it can sometimes be easier to understand if a video has been created to supplement and explain.

That's where EP came up with the idea to create a number of informative videos to help better guide and explain and what better place to do this than on YouTube.

Although EP Training is based in Surrey using videos on the internet means everyone can watch and share regardless of their location.  In fact, many other HGV training companies use EP’s videos to help prepare their respective trainees.  

To date EP has amassed over 6,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel and their videos have been watched over 2 million times.

The feedback and comments are also extremely positive. 

Although the production costs and acting ability is minimal at best, people seem to like what they see and hear.  We like to think we provide some of the best advice on YouTube when it comes to attaining both HGV and Driver CPC training and testing. 

For example EP Training is only one of a few that will  NOT work with HGV training brokers.

These middlemen take advantage of those looking to become trucks drivers by charging their customers a premium. It's much cheaper and easier to go direct to a good local training company in your area.

Many of our videos explain exactly how to avoid a broker and the benefits of going local and going direct. No other Vlogger on YouTube does as much as EP to warn about the hazards involved in getting qualified.


Changes in HGV License Acquisition in 2023


One of EP's most recent additions to its video collection is how to get an HGV licence in 2023. There have been many changes since November 2021 when it comes to becoming a professional lorry driver.  The DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) has altered the steps newbie HGV drivers must follow.  For example it is now possible to go straight to Class 1 (Cat C) without having needed to first acquire the Class 2, rigid-type vehicle.

In essence, we have reverted back to how the driving licence categories were obtained before the 1st Jan 1997. There was a call for evidence published by the Department for Transport (DfT) 
in 2022 seeking views on whether the C1 and D1 (7.5 tonnes and minibus) should be added to standard car licence holders. 

The reversing (off-road manoeuvres) exercise change has also been vlogged by EP on its YouTube channel. As explained by Sean Pargeter "The DVSA has allowed training providers to conduct the off-road manoeuvres (reverse exercise) at their own locations". There is still the need to do a one-hour driving test with a DVSA-employed driving examiner however the changes mean EP can carry out their own 3a  tests at their training location in Addlestone. One of the added bonuses when it comes to watching EP videos on YouTube is that there are no advertisements. EP purposely chose not to monetize the channel as it distracts its viewers from the subject matter. 


Simplifying the Driver CPC Module 4 Test


EP recently published its latest version of the Driver CPC Module 4. This video is the third in a trilogy that spans over 10 years. 

The latest 2022 version covers all the new questions and answers students may be asked during the test itself.  It’s 35 minutes in length and just goes to the point with no messing around on subjects that are not relevant. You will see by the video the exam is very straightforward however preparation and planning is essential to ensure you pass.


A Straightforward Guide to Module 4


The interesting thing you will note on this video is that EP does not use a conventional truck, i.e. a rigid or artic to demonstrate the answers. The reason for this is nearly all training providers will use a small 7.5-ton vehicle. The DVSA requirement for the minimum acceptable vehicle category to use for this test is any goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes. Therefore, it makes sense to conduct the Module 4 test in the smallest vehicle possible as it means less to check and easier to complete.

Although the test for CPC Mod 4 can be carried out on a goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes you will still gain C1, C1E, C and CE on your DQC (Driver Qualification Card). 

EP's next video will all be about naming HGV training brokers.

EP has issues with middlemen who exploit and take advantage of those seeking HGV entitlement. EP cares about the industry it works in and is concerned that many people are being ripped off by companies pretending to be HGV training companies.  It's not right that new entrants end up paying more money and wasting more time using a broker, rather than going direct to good companies like EP.

In a cost of living crisis it is not fair that people who are only trying to improve their career choices by getting a lorry licence are paying over the odds. If we name those companies that are middlemen then you can make an informed decision as to how you wish to train.


Unveiling HGV Training Brokers' Practices


We are not saying brokers are breaking the law by operating the way they do however why should you pay more and not be told the truth (they have no vehicles and employ no instructors). If they told you the truth then we would not have to create this video. We just hope it will assist you in making better choices when you decide to gain HGV entitlement. 

By watching this particular video you should save literally thousands of pounds and frankly a lot of hassle.


Other Valuable Videos by EP Training


As EP Training provides a wide variation of training disciplines for the commercial transport industry you will also find other useful videos this company has chosen to share.

 An ADR licence is required by all commercial HGV drivers that transport DG (Dangerous Goods) by road that come within scope of the regulations.

 Although a couple of years old, the video EP created regarding ADR training still reflects the current process required by students.

Having ADR entitlement (which last 5 years) should add a few extra quid on most HGV drivers’ hourly rate so it can be worth attaining this vocational qualification. Sean Pargeter from EP explains that his company run ADR every other week from their Great Bookham Training Centre (Jct. 9 off M25)

The only real change regarding ADR training is the testing part. It is now possible to take all the ADR exams online at EP’s training centre. This means you get an instant result after sitting the exams along with an opportunity to resit.
There are many other training companies that have over the years also developed their own YouTube channel however EP was the first to come up with the idea.

EP will continue to post videos that assist new entrants when wishing to attain HGV entitlement.